Posted by: cherrylaurel | January 28, 2011

Traveling makes you mature

A few years ago while listening to the radio, a guest of the radio show uttered the line “Traveling makes you mature”. When she said that, I knew right away what I was missing. It is not that I was immature but it was more of me not knowing what else is out there. The truth is, I barely know who my neighbors are. I thought to myself that it would be awesome to experience life with a variety. Life is all about experiences anyways.

It is true that traveling makes you mature. It gives you the opportunity to meet different people of different interests, beliefs, and preference. If you are not a sociable person then traveling will surely help you develop your skills in interaction. I like to observe and try out new things and I am not the type who get scared right away or backed out on a challenge without even trying and that is why I know for sure that traveling should be my passion (next to being a sucker for romance). Last December (2010) and mid January (2011), I was given a gift to travel with my family to 2 major tourists spots here in the Philippines … the beautiful city of Puerto Princesa in Palawan and Boracay Island in Aklan. I loved the places but what I enjoyed most are the people. I have always enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone and excited meeting new people, it does not matter if they are rich or poor, it is the spirit and personality that I always go for. I think people should not only be traveling by land or water but by their soul as well. The real essence of being able to go to places is not measured by what your eyes had enjoyed to look at but it is how you were able to adapt with the situation and the people for that alone is the learning process. It helps you understand your surrounding. Interaction with people from different places helps you answer one question with different kinds of answers and reasoning because each of the places that you go to have different history and history always create a different kind of human thinking.

Traveling is always an adventure packed with lessons that one should always keep.



  1. Upon reading this blog made me feel that I also traveled from those places that you mentioned. I haven’t traveled far and experienced meeting random people, thank you for sharing your stories. It really made me feel as if I was there!

  2. Travel expands the mind and the spirit, I was in the US Army for 6 years and I saw Japan, Korea, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, England, these are places i could not ever afford to travel to on my own, but I saw them and I know that they made me grow as a person. Wonderful article Cher. šŸ˜€

  3. Travel is movement of people between relatively distant geographical locations for any purpose and any duration,(with or without any means of transport). <-The last 5 words as defined by wikipedia strikes me a lot, transpo is too costly nowadays that is why I can't travel (cheng wala ako pamasahe, LOL! for real..). What I do here in Davao City is we receive and take care of students from other countries like the US. The experience is exactly the same with your article, we share ideas, interests, culture etc. Moreover that experience made me feel I have been from the places they have visited as our studes give vivid description from many locations they have been. While I was reading your Did you know that it made me feel nostalgic, I miss Manila, the people, friends, love ones,and you. I look forward to reading more of your upcoming blogs. Nice one cheng!!

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