Posted by: cherrylaurel | May 3, 2010

Who else is for Gibo?

One more week before the election day,  more and more people are becoming intelligent because they are making one of the best decisions of their lives, supporting Gilbert “GIBO” Teodoro. Why I am going to vote for GIBO is something that I enjoy talking about. He is one of the two most competent in the list of Presidential candidates. He never trash talk about the other candidates.  He pushes for academic excellence and a better curriculum, because he feels, the current curriculum is light in technical skills, mathematics, and English. The loan system for the less fortunate, but deserving students in the tertiary level. When a student applies for a loan, he will be given a Social Security System (SSS) number. Immediately after he gets his first paycheck, it will register that he is getting a salary and subsequent deductions could be made.

For governance and economy,  reinforce the capability of the local government units to handle local funds and carry out intended projects. Use the talents and minds of our countrymen as the greatest resource for more innovative ideas to fuel the industry and the economy. GIBO ensures that the farmers will be given the opportunity to grow rich from their endeavours—and that we help farmers, through programs, to increase agricultural productivity so that we will no longer be the largest importer of rice.  The insurgency must be stopped in conflict areas, where the return of peace and stability can turn land into productive endeavors. He believes that if we invest the required amount in the Central Mindanao basin project, hundreds of thousands of very fertile land can be put to good use.

Gilbert Teodoro may not top the surveys, he may not even have the all the hottest celebrities to endorse him but his secret weapon is … “ME” … the Green Team volunteers, some intelligent and gorgeous celebrities, and millions of the secret majority who have been flooding Twitter with GIBO news and updates, Gibo fans on Facebook and Friendster and many others who were never asked by those stupid surveys. We will vote for GIBO because we truly believe in his abilities and goal for our country. For those who are still confused on who to vote for, be one of us. To my fellow country men, prove that Filipinos are intelligent, make the intelligent choice.

Ang pinaka mahalaga at pinaka magaling na endorser ni GIBO ay … ako at ikaw … TAYONG LAHAT !!! kaya wag ng hintayin pa ang endorsement ng iba. TAYO nalang ok na!

Sulong Greenies, Sulong GIBO … susulong ang Pilipinas!

this video is the most talked about and inspiring Gibo speech on May 7 Meeting De Avance — The Filipinos deserves the BEST


added readings:

Gibo’s Platform

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  1. love the post. Sulong Gibo!

  2. I am for Gibo, realistic and no mudslinging for this man……a true leader.

  3. G1BO… POSIBLE! SULONG PILIPINAS 2010 and more years (no need flowering words)

  4. hi pls also check my blog at, nice site btw, Sulong G1bo!

  5. Love it! ❤ Gibo Teodoro is amazing he is my president! 🙂

  6. GIBO For The Win!!!!

  7. a man with a substance. sulong gibo!


  9. GO Greenies!!!!!!!!

  10. I am not loosing hope despite of four more days to go before election. GIBO TEODORO still my preference and the best candidate for 2010 presidential election. His platform is very clear unlike the rest.

  11. We are doing our share. Spread the good Virus!

    Gibo will be the next President.

    Breaking News!!! FVR for Gibo!!!

  12. Sinusuportahan ko siya dahil ipinapakita niya, sa bawat aspeto ng kanyang kampanya, na MAYROONG tayong magagawa at MAYROONG tayong mararating. Dahil POSIBLE

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