Posted by: cherrylaurel | January 19, 2010

The hand that rocks the cradle

Perhaps, I was one of those girls who thinks Jason Ivler is a real hottie, but then his killer smile (literally) just scares the crap out of me. Now that he is trying to recover at the Quirino Memorial Medical Center after sustaining gunshot wounds to the right shoulder and left upper abdomen, he will be facing tw0 criminal cases, one  in 2004 which accused him of reckless imprudence resulting in homicide and on November 18, 2009, Renato Victor Ebarle Jr., the 27-year-old son of an undersecretary for the Office of the Presidential Chief of Staff, was shot dead inside his sports utility vehicle (SUV) on Santolan Road, Quezon City.

Infancy’s the tender fountain,
Power may with beauty flow,
Mother’s first to guide the streamlets,
From them souls unresting grow—
Grow on for the good or evil,
Sunshine streamed or evil hurled;
For the hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world.
—- William Ross Wallace

Now all eyes are on Jason Ivler’s mother, Marlene Aguilar, who is now being charged of obstruction of justice and giving false statements to the police investigators who have been searching for her son for a long time now.  I am not in a position to judge her, it is just normal for a mother to love his son no matter what he has become but she must also realize that her tolerance to her son’s wrong deeds will only bring him more harm than good. The hand that rocks the cradle is the one that should teach her young the right way. My mom once told me that not all mothers are the same and all have different style on raising their children. What Jason Ivler has become was a decision made by Jason Ivler himself but how I wish Marlene Aguilar would have guided his son properly too.
update: Marlene Aguilar met Andal Ampatuan and she said he is a good man and he should not be judged. Sino pa nga ba ang magkakampihan? Diba sila sila lang naman talaga?



  1. With regards to marlene’s comment about ampatuan, i think she should know that all people has “good” and “kind” side.

    She was right when she said “Ampatuan is innocent until proven guilty, so we should not judge him.”

    Then, Marlene should not judge Ampatuan as good because they’ve just met behind bars.

    Two questions for you Marlene: 1. If Andal confessed to you that he headed the Maguindanao massacre, is he still good? 2. If Andal killed your beloved Jason, will you inform the law enforcers?

    Just a thought..

  2. If marlene was my mom, I’m more than jason, I think. But I’m not a fan of rifles, so I will have those high powered lightsaber instead. ^_^

  3. Jason Aguilar Ivler

    Pinili kong isulat ito sa tagalong para sa ating mga Pilipino. Dito mga kapwa Pilipino ditto niyo makikita kung gaano kalaki ang diskriminasyon ditto sa Pilipinas. Ang paghuli kay Jason Aguilar Ivler.
    Una bakit nga ba siya hinuli? Dahil sa kasalanang pagpatay? Ngayon bakit ganon na lang kababoy ang pagtrato sa kanya? Ilan ba ang kanyang napatay? Dito natin ma ikukumpara kay AMPATUAN.
    Ilan ang napatay ni AMPATUAN? Paano siya tinrato ng pamahalaan? Hindi ko na kailngang sagutin iyan dahil alam niyo yan mga kababayan.
    Ngayon kay Jason. Ilan ang napatay ni Jason ang tanong sino kasi ang kanyang napatay? Alam niyo naman ang mga sagot sa katanungan na yan. Nais ko lang ipaalala sa inyong lahat ito.
    Bakit ganito sa ating bayan. Kawawa naman ang mga aping-palad. Mga kababayan hindi ko kaano-ano si Jason ngunit para sa akin sana magising na tayo sa ganitong gawain. Parusahan muna natin si AMPATUAN diba? Napaka bias ng ating gobyerno. Napaka bias ng ating batas. Talaga bang may butas ang batas ng Pilipinas. Bakit ganito kabilis ang hustisya ng isang anak ng employee ng government at ganito ba kalakas ang influence nito. Paano naman ang may 57 persons na pinatay ng AMPATUAN? Malaking katanungan ito. Sobrang sobra na. Matagal na akong mulat kaya sana mga kababayan maging mulat na rin kayo at kahit sa internet ay suportahan niyo ang dapat nating ipaglaban. Isigaw natin at ipaalam sa lahat na kailangan na nating magising at huwag mag walang bahala. Kailangan na nating makialam.
    Napanood ko po ang videos ng raid kay Jason Aguilar Ivler at doon nakita ko naman na totoo ngang binuhat siya na parang baboy ng maraming guy’s because maybe mabigat siya pero we can call for medic assistant na sana that time because Jason has a wound already. He’s been shot. Then after that he is thrown maybe because those guy’s who carry him is mad at him because Jason change shoot with them before they can arrest Jason itself. There’s an explanation but the explanation is not good for me to accept. That is not right, we have a human rights. I hope everyone knows what are their human rights to be respect upon by those who have the power and position in the country.
    To: GMA noon time show every Saturday:
    ( Showbiz Entertainment Show )
    This is my comment for the interview you had played this Saturday January 23, 2010. Your interview was so bias for the other party. Being a journalist or being the interviewer you must be fair.
    To all the people:
    Yes, we can judge other in our own mind but to influence other is not good. Let others judge what they can feel and what they can see. Mostly if we are public figure, what we are saying and act in public/media can influence those viewers.

  4. Yes, I have to agree with you. I do find Jason hot too [on that picture you posted of him on here.]

    Rycypinks I believe his human rights WERE violated during the raid. He was wounded yet they carried him like he was already dead. Not cool.

  5. jason was a FUGITIVE. rightfully so he should be treated as one. in addition, he is a sociopath as already concluded by psychologists. so why in the name of all things good, do some portray him as the abused..?? i just dont get it! granted he was handled a little brusquely after the incident but keep in mind it was a post-raid scenario. being gentle is the least of the NBIs’ worries compared to keeping the SUSPECT alive.

    and as for marlene A. i can understand the nurturing mother side to her story but haven’t she heard of “tough love” yet?? i cant help but partially blame her for what her child has become.

  6. Pareho silang mayabang agree? Nagkataon nga lang na patay na iyong isa. Pero wala naming mangyayaring tensyon kung isa sa dalawang ito ay nakaunawa.
    We’ll for you people I’m just using my freedom of opinion to this issue. Thank you for those who understand the side that I am expressing. And for those who do not understand the other side better provide your own world and own rules. Good Day and Thank you.
    For those who knows more about Rights and Laws and for the NBI you know that there’s something wrong in treating Jason like that right? But yet we understand your side because Jason change shot with you guy’s and he kills 2 brod in NBI. That’s why NBI were so mad at Jason and treat him like that. But we are talking of our human rights and may nilabag din naman talaga ang mga NBI dito. A matter of understanding lang guys hindi away ang opinion na ipinapahayag ko dito. Now if u’r going to response unethical and technical phrases or shall we say proposely response in violent conflict please end this conversation.

  7. i am in no way looking for an argument. pardon me if u feel that way although, same as u, i just wanted to vent out and say my piece. what is so unethical about what i said..? everything i said is fact. was it not!?

  8. If u dont mind, may I say my thought and knowledge.

    Yes, what you have said about Jason is nearly right and truth but the wrong thing. In your sentence of conversation your so bias. kitang kita kasi na your so mad or even angry with the other party. Sorry if I am wrong but I know not only me will say it to you if they going to analyze and interpret your data 🙂

    Peace be with you 🙂 Happy Sunday 01-31-2010 Last day of January: Watch me @ San Beda, Alabang – competing for WNCAA -> Table Tennis League.

    @ moka: hehe the words unethical is not address to you. It is for future use for those who’s going to be unethical 🙂 hehe..

  9. It’s no surprise she thinks Andal Ampatuan is a good person and should not be judged. <_< geez

  10. OMG! Good person? A good person will not kill civilians and reporter na walang kalaban-laban. Unlike the other case mag-kaiba yun. You should know the story behind each issue okay? Thank You!

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