Posted by: cherrylaurel | February 11, 2010

Manny Villar being the big underdog

If there is anything I like about the Manny Villar campaign strategy, it is it’s remarkable campaign strategy. From the big time celebrity endorsers to the catchy campaign jingle ad, Naging Mahirap composed by Merlee Jayme, which is the favorite songs of many kids today, pati mga tambay (even the bums), and has sent an enormous amount of  positive feedback for Villar. His campaign ads are plain and simple, no blah blah, everything is straight to point (just like Gibo). It is only sad that Manny Villar as a good business man cannot be presented to the masses because this will likely be used against him. Apparently, some really prominent and powerful businessmen doesn’t like having Villar around, they aren’t supporting him. This is what I think, these businessmen does not like to have a President who has the same background as them because they don’t want to be controlled, they don’t want Villar to expose the A-B-C of the big companies that slaves the people. For sure, those businessmen have a lot to hide.

I am starting to feel extremely bad for him though, he has become the favorite punching bag of Senator Jamby Madrigal. On television, presidential forums, senate hearing, name it and you will hear the husky toned Madrigal lashing out on the rich and (most probably) upset but composed Villar. She kept on accusing him of corruption and using his power to promote his businesses, and worse is she even started picking on the amount he has spent for his campaign. SO WHAT?! What is your problem Jamby?! Corruption has been going on since the Spanish era, I am not saying that corruption is to be tolerated but, for crying out loud, who in the Philippine government is not corrupt? She should be picking on everybody in the government then, from those lousy Barangay Kagawads to the ones sitting on those high benches at the Supreme Court. Madrigal at one point, used to support one of the most controversial political figure, former President Joseph Estrada, who was imprisoned later on for money laundering. How come she never kick his butt? If you want to get rid off corruption, get a hundred of molotov cocktail and give it to all those sitting on the Senate and Congress, that should do it. What is even more funny? Noynoy Aquino, after outspokenly saying that he won’t be campaigning like a TRAPO (traditional politician) does, he then started criticizing Manny Villar. Aquino’s camp even came up with a story that Villar has paid a generous amount to top the surveys… this kind of tactic from Noynoy is one heck of a TRAPO scheme. Why can’t be like Gilbert Teodoro who has been going around the country with a positive campaigning? Sulong Gibo!

So much has been said about Villar but he clearly became the “big underdog” here. All of those punches being thrown at him by several political figures has given him the sympathy of the Filipino voters. I guess his keeping mum about all the intrigues has finally paid off.   Campaign period officially just started last Tuesday but everything is already heating up. Let’s wait and see what will happen next for Villar, Aquino, and Gilbert Teodoro.


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