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Chip Tsao, Satire my Ass !

Wise men says “if you have nothing nice to say, it is best to keep quiet”, but fools says, “if you have a contradicting opinion, better keep it to yourself”. If I follow those wise men and fools sayings then maybe I don’t have this blog or maybe I am considered a living dead. I mean, whose opinion, nice or bad, wouldn’t want to be heard or read? Chip Tsao’s, best guess hahaha!

I researched stuff about him and it seemed that he is a famous writer in Asia but definitely not well loved by the people of Asia, even with his fellow Chinese. When I read his very controversial article “The War at Home and other articles he made in the past, I understood why and didn’t even question the anger of the people. I was not upset that he called the Philippines “a nation of servants” because it is true and Filipinos must learn to accept that fact. Isn’t it that most of us prefer to work for another country because of high paying jobs? We go there to serve and not to put up a business, because if that is the case then why leave the Philippines? I think the reason why most of us are upset is because it came from somebody’s else’s mouth, from a foreigner, a Chinese guy, of all races hahaha trust me we are being punked here! Another thing, the Spratly Island claim should end. I was looking at the map and I myself, don’t believe it belongs to us (sorry guys). Now, what really upset me is that after the article was posted and taken out, HK magazine and Chip Tsao (To Kit in real life) claimed that it was all “Satire” meaning 1. the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc., 2. a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule. Ok, here is the thing, Filipinos are not stupid, do you really believe that using the “satire” excuse made us calm or made us think that “oh wow he is a genius writer!”, it just made matters worst. The Philippines’ second language is English, we speak and write English very well so don’t you dare tell us that maybe we have misunderstood what you wrote. And maybe, most of our mothers and Filipino women work for Chinese families as housemaids/nannies but atleast, we are not responsible for the proliferation of lead and melamine that caused death to many children and adults all over the world. I will never be ashamed that I belong to a nation of servants, because these servants you, Chip Tsao, are insulting, are the people who brought up great Filipino nurses, doctors, teachers, engineers, and seamen working around the globe.

To Chip Tsao, you may have apologized but you don’t have any idea what kind of war you just have started … we will be keeping an eye on you!


MSN – Chip Tsao’s apology

Satire 1.2. Dictionary


  1. yep! we’re on the same boat cheche.

  2. “I was not upset that he called the Philippines “a nation of servants” because it is true and Filipinos must learn to accept that fact.”

    they were outraged by how he called the chinese and himself “masters” and how philippines is just “THEIR” servants. ALL countries have people working abroad too, should we label them a nation of servants?….you didn’t get what chip tsao meant

  3. have you seen in movies,TVs or even in real life that we make fun of people with black skin, we call them negro,panget etc… and also chinese we make fun on their accent and we even sing butchiki…

    do you still remember what sen. miriam santiago said on her speech?

    “China invented civilization in the East, but as well it invented corruption for all of human civilization.”

    wasnt that racist

    now if its our turn to be joke then we cry and say foul.. lets clean first our own house!!!!

  4. “lets clean first our own house”

    Ram, you can clean your own if you feel guilty or you can clean Chip Tsao toilet. We are not responsible for others mistakes like Senators Santiago and Enrile.

    Mistakes in the Philippines do not diminish the dignity of Filipina maid in Hongkong.

  5. u son of a bitch

  6. what’s wrong with those humiliation?
    he did make a point
    never slap your boss who gives you food to eat

    • It will never look wrong if you are stuck in the Confucianist paradigm where the Master is above their Servants and Men is above Women.

      That is Hubris of tyrannical proportions. That Feudalistic Chinese Master has no right to claim the islands this Filipino Servant rightfully owns.

      We may be a country of servants, but never a nation of blind, headless slaves. We get our bread and butter from these tyrants, but we have EVERY right to flex our muscles if they dare to lift their finger on our properties.

      This Servant Nation has every right to the Spratlys Islands historically, politically and, guess what, proximity. UNCLOS guarantees the Philippines’ claims. Nobody wants to settle it in the courts of the World Maritime Tribunal because these countries know that there, their claims will never hold.

  7. @well written… come work for me.

  8. Mr. Tsao, come visit us for your free circumcision. What made you think you are superior race? So that’s what you Chinese are thinking all along, that we brown slaves are powerless against you.

    Common Mr. Tsao, we are better professionals than you are. Its just that you play dirty while we play by the rules.

  9. You know what Chip Tsao or shall i call you (Cheap Tsao) in tagalog Cheap kang tao! you’re such a Dick, you looked like a DICK, Act like a DICK, Talks like a DICK and Behave like a DICK. in other words,,,,,, YOU ARE A TRUE DICK in every word and meaning of IT.

  10. first,never slap your boss who give u food to eat
    second,mr,tsao did make a sense
    third, we chinese make the corruption .what’s the problem?why did u follow us? besides, so far,during the almost 5000 years, the corruption has been lasting till now…we didnt disappear and we did make a rapid grogress.
    fourth,dont laugh chinese ‘s acent ..coz it didnt make sense,,,we can achive a lot even the accent doesnt sound good…the point is if ur guys has the brains to make it successful or not..
    in addition,,the new generation chinese could speak english very well…
    what’s more…ur filipino’s accent really sound weird without tones at all….
    but anyway i should do apprecaite that ur guys recommend chinese to improve their english..really thanks
    fifth,,dont just talk shit b4 u found the evidence or make things clearly and correctly..
    ppl said chip tsao ‘s name is funny,
    i wanna clarify that in chinese,,tsao is pronounced as tao and yao..
    for tao,it means pottery or china or can be used as a family name
    for yao,it’s a family name only
    both of the family name traced back 4300 years ago..and there re many chinese characters for both of the family name,
    wht i mean is they share same pronounciation but use differnt words or strokes..

    therefore,,b4 knwoing ppl’s history or culture..pls talk carefully.otherwise u l be laughed by all the ppl…

    as the mr.tsao’s point in the article…not all the chinese would think the same as he did,,so it’s only his point..but we chinese do love our country and protect her forever no matter where we are,where we r born,,as long as we carry this kinda of blood,,we r chinese at all..never change,,nothing can change it till the earth l disappear in the universe

    • of course your accent is ridiculous. who would ever thought it isn’t? lol. and your ancient art makes me puke. what kind of artists do you have? Yeah I guess you’re only good with pottery.

  11. wala syang karapatan na tawagin ang philippinas na “nations of servant” kasi isipin nila na ang mga pinoy at pinay ang lagi nila napapakinabangan ng lubos.nag bibigay ng magandang serbisyo sa kanila sila nga pilit inaangkin ang spratlis island na talaga namang sa pagmamay ari ng pilipinas.

    • whoooo!!!!!!!! china’s only using those islands to put more lame-eyed babies on it!!! Philippines, One Big Fight!!!

  12. I was not upset that he called the Philippines “a nation of servants” because it is true and Filipinos must learn to accept that fact. Isn’t it that most of us prefer to work for another country because of high paying jobs? We go there to serve and not to put up a business, because if that is the case then why leave the Philippines? I think the reason why most of us are upset is because it came from somebody’s else’s mouth, from a foreigner, a Chinese guy,- first of all, cherry laurel, i just hope you are NOT A FILIPINO. you are saying that you are not upset of PHILIPPINES being called as ‘NATION OF SERVANTS’ because its TRUE?and your reason behind that is because there are A LOT of FILIPINOS working abroad to get high salary and NOT TO SET UP BUSINESS? and you are also saying that MOST of the FILIPINOS are upset because it came from somebody else mouth?a FOREIGNER?— cherry,i am working in a country where most of my colleagues are brits and americans, they are REGULAR EMPLOYEES, they DONT HAVE A BUSINESS…do you call their countries ‘NATION OF SERVANTS’? why leave PHILIPPINES? have you asked the same question to YOURSELF? MOST OF THE FILIPINOS are upset BECAUSE it came from SOMEBODY’S MOUTH…A FOREIGNER? do you think anyone will say something like that top his/her HOME COUNTRY? i would say YES!!! YOU!!!

    • now you’re forsaking rizal and hide under mo tse tung’s ass? damn, what loser.

  13. for requel rheign banzon

    no one can get the spratlis island from us..

    coz it’s not urs since b4 there’s no filiopino in the world till the future..

    by the way..i can read tagalog….

    • Oh I wish the british spared the japs who invaded china.

  14. bkit kc ang pinoy gusto pang mag trabaho sa ibang bansa?

    cherry,i am working in a country where most of my colleagues are brits and americans, they are REGULAR EMPLOYEES, they DONT HAVE A BUSINESS…do you call their countries ‘NATION OF SERVANTS’? why leave PHILIPPINES?

    totoong namang d2 sa pinas marami paring tlgang katulong…….
    hinde kc lahat ng pinoy nakapag aral. pinoy ako at mahal ko bayan ko pro hinde ako bulag para hinde mkita ang totoo…..
    galit ako kasi tinawag akong alila….
    tanong ko bakit ako tinawag n ganito bkit un ibang bansa nmn masahol p sa pinas dba? magalit n tau kung magalit pero kasalanan nmn ntin tlga e.

    kasalanan to ng gobyerno natin……
    sa tingin mba kung si marcos pa ang presidente natin eh humihinga pa yan si chip tsao? hehehe naisip ko lng

    kung sino un mga pinoy na hinde to matangap edi gumawa k ng paraan mag tau k ng negosyo at gawin mong empliyado lahat ng katulong n pilipino para hinde nila sabihin n nasyon tayo ng katulong

  15. i agree with JUAN DELA CRUZ ..IT’S true..everyone should hav a self– see if waht we do is right or not…then we improve it and correct it..i think if philipines government know about it..they should think how to imporve the country better day by day… the fact is that there re many whites ,they dont hav good education,they work for other countries..but why dont they get the title–nation of servant…coz they r developped …

    we r still a developing country
    we should make an effort to make it nice,,,

    we chinese doesnt hav any reason to laugh at other ppl ..coz as an asian we r also discriminated by the whites..we did hav poor ppl ,,,we r not rich enough..

    waht’s the point that argue about chinese..
    i think mr.tsao wanna tell us to open our eyes to see our mistakes and get improved…

    good luck!!! all guys!!!!

  16. And maybe, most of our mothers and Filipino women work for Chinese families as housemaids/nannies but atleast, we are not responsible for the proliferation of lead and melamine that caused death to many children and adults all over the world.

    First of all i`m surprised that little Chip Tsao hast been killed by his own countrymen yet, for all i know these Chinese are the number one when it comes to creating “defective and illegal things”
    one good example are the drug lords that is “regularly” caught here in the Philippines is Chinese. And let us not forget the opium war that made the Chinese bow to the English. and being their dogs for a good number of years. Another neat thing that i found out about the Chinese is that they, even in death try to bribe their way into heaven! imagine that! bribing your way t salvation. Even bringing worldly possessions with them in the after life.
    Lastly, i think nothing that comes from china is safe all of their products have either have formalin, salmonella, melamine or double dead.
    So let me ask you Chip Tsao, if the Filipinos are servants what do you call your race?

    we have complete sovereignty over the spratlis island also with some parts of sabbah if not the whole island it self.

  17. Boyet Fajardo to Chip Tsao: Inagaw mo ang lahat sa akin.

  18. Yes we Filipinos are servant and slaves, we are Servant of our will to help our family and Slaves of our desire to pursue our dreams even if it means cleaning the toilet of others. And you Mr. Chip Tsao you are a master of your delusion that you are far greater that the rest.

  19. To ‘yuji chiu’, please proof read your posts, because its kind of reallllly difficult to understand what the fuck you’re saying. Especially that first post.

    In reply to your second statement, “no one can get the spratlis island from us..

    coz it’s not urs since b4 there’s no filiopino in the world till the future..”

    Says who? Do you not understand that land didn’t have owners till after the second Ice Age, when people started to settle down and have stable livelihoods? Land was only fenced in then, and even then, it wasn’t definite. They’d just say ‘from that tree to that bamboo’ or something like that. nothing definite. Who are you to say that the Spratlys belong to YOU? Have YOU been there? Do you personally know anyone who was there three hundred years ago? No? Then I guess you don’t have the right to say it’s YOURS.

    Lastly, Chip Tsao can kiss my ass. Who is he to say we are servants? Who is he to degrade a Filipina who is working to support her family in a time of Financial and Economic crisis? Who is he to degrade a whole nation for its faults? Who is he to put down the very people that are being paid to do the jobs that the whole fucking world won’t do for themselves?

    He can get a job as a janitor at Wal-Mart for a month, live in a box for a month, live off of congee/lugaw for that whole time, and THEN tell me that what we end up doing is stupid. Because far as I’m concerned, he can go fuck himself. Even if he says he’s sorry.

  20. Juan DeLa Cruz, you can go rot in a trash can as far as I’m concerned. If you’re NOT IGNORANT, what money will you put up a business with? Isn’t that the whole reason we go abroad: to make money? With what are you going to make bread if you don’t have ingredients? You have obviously lived a very sheltered life. Go out to a squatter or GK or something.

    Try to fucking understand what people have to go through.

    Also, so what if we’re SLAVES? Slaves to our dreams? So what? You can’t get to the top if you don’t start at the bottom. Hammer that into your head. If you’re Filipino, puta ang ina mo. Go figure.

  21. being a servant is NOT BAD, it depends on HOW people look at it? one way or the other WE ARE ALL SERVANTS in MANY WAYS… for THOSE people PRETENDING to be INTELLIGENT- before SAYING or DOING something PLEASE THINK at least twice before going any further…YOU never know what will be the result of your IGNORANCE…..

    Mr. Mr. Chip Tsao- You should be thankful you have a good job as a WRITER and not as A TOILET BOWL CLEANER as you treat OTHER people trying to earn their livings in a GOOD & MORAL way.instead of being a racist and saying something BAD about ANYONE, why dont YOU just use your TALENT in the GOOD WAY…

    I’m SURE ALL FILIPINOS around the WORLD will be PRAYING for YOU….

  22. skully- i think we are on the SAME SIDE… did you read my first comment CORRECTLY? and you are right…I AM A FILIPINO….please read AGAIN and try to UNDERSTAND…fyi- I HAVE COMMENTED on CHERRY LAUREL’S POST- THE OWNER of this BLOG…..

    I was not upset that he called the Philippines “a nation of servants” because it is true and Filipinos must learn to accept that fact. Isn’t it that most of us prefer to work for another country because of high paying jobs? We go there to serve and not to put up a business, because if that is the case then why leave the Philippines? I think the reason why most of us are upset is because it came from somebody’s else’s mouth, from a foreigner, a Chinese guy,- first of all, cherry laurel, i just hope you are NOT A FILIPINO. you are saying that you are not upset of PHILIPPINES being called as ‘NATION OF SERVANTS’ because its TRUE?and your reason behind that is because there are A LOT of FILIPINOS working abroad to get high salary and NOT TO SET UP BUSINESS? and you are also saying that MOST of the FILIPINOS are upset because it came from somebody else mouth?a FOREIGNER?— cherry,i am working in a country where most of my colleagues are brits and americans, they are REGULAR EMPLOYEES, they DONT HAVE A BUSINESS…do you call their countries ‘NATION OF SERVANTS’? why leave PHILIPPINES? have you asked the same question to YOURSELF? MOST OF THE FILIPINOS are upset BECAUSE it came from SOMEBODY’S MOUTH…A FOREIGNER? do you think anyone will say something like that top his/her HOME COUNTRY? i would say YES!!! YOU!!!

  23. i think we can put it to rest since mr. tsao already apologised for his futile attempt at satire. btw, he also gets an award for his article… DOUCHEBAG OF THE YEAR.

  24. i agree with what RAY said.
    “yung hindi makatanggap ng sinabi ni Chip Tsao, magtayo ng sariling negosyo para di matawag na Nation of Servants.
    at dahil ng mga nasa gobyerno natin, sila ang nagpapabagsak ng pinas. hindi natin masisisi ang ibang lahi na magcomment dahil malamang concern lang sila sa mga pinoy at malamang gusto din nilang sabihin yan sa atin para magising tayo, na niloloko lang tayo ng mga nasa gobyerno natin. maging administration o opposition. pare pareho ang mga yan. walang iniisip kundi ang sarili nila at kung papaano sila yayaman. sorry to say pero makikita kung papaano manungkulan.
    nung hindi pa ganyan ang ginagawa ng mga nasa gobyerno natin, meaning nung panahon ng mga naunang nanungkulan, may nasasabi ba ang mga nasa ibang bansa? wala di ba dahil malinis ang diwa ng pinoy DATI.. pero ngayon??

    kay wag na tayong maging hipokrito at hipokrita, tanggapin natin na nation of servants tayo. though masakit pero nakakakita ba kayo ng suporta sa gobyerno sa sinabing yon? kaya may maingay lang na kunwa galit sa message na yon kasi malapit na election. pero after that election malabong pakialaman yan ng mga nasa gobyerno.. it’s no big deal for them dahil kumikita ang mga nasa gobyerno dahil ng mga servants na yan..

  25. instead of murmoring outside, grr grrr grr. let’s put that as a CHALLENGE. bakit di natin ipakitang mali si Mr. Tsao o di ba mas maganda ang nangyari. kaya lang ang ginagawa natin eh kanya kanyang tsatsatan lang.. puro dada wala gawa.

  26. atsaka matagal ko na tinanggap na servant lang tayo.. kasi kita nyo sino bang nagpapatakbo ng pinas? di ba mga intsik? di ba mga Fil Am.. sino bang mga may ari ng malalaking companya sa pinas? meron bang Pinoy?

  27. If you wanna blame Chip Tsao, you guys should blame the British; because he was educated in the Great Britain, from which he picked up his sense of humour. The use of “Far East” in his ariticle is problematic as well cuz it is a highly enthnocentric phrase. He is not at all patriotic himself, at least not to China.

    It’s actually very insulting to read an article like that but some white men still express their discrimination towards Asians, undoubtedly, in a more or less insulting way. Asians should stay united.

    I do think HK ppl do not really respect their domestic workers and the media should be blamed. However, there is a dialectical relationship between the master and the servant: without the servant, the supriority of the master would not exist or has no point in existing.

  28. Again, this is MEDIA that we’re talking about. Everything that is done is to attract viewers.

    Apparently, this article did.

    Like the other aims at “racist” satire before (Desperate Housewives, anyone?), Filipinos have found offense in this article. Of course, it is one thing to protect the image of the nation, and another to be provoked and be furious beyond reason. The more attention that we give to crap like this, the more we assert the fact that this is a big issue. Which it isn’t. In fact, the other countries have been generally nice to the Philippines – the situation is worse in America. Plenty of television series/sitcoms/cartoons have portrayed Americans in a negative light – and most of these were produced in the United States of America itself. Some may call it tasteful satire, while others call it an outright offense to THEIR OWN nation.

    Another thing: it isn’t patriotic to step down on other nations. What we’re doing – by commenting with words/phrases such as “the Chinese are assholes/douchebags/b!+c#es” – is increasing tensions and fanning the flames. We don’t need that in the midst of everything. This is all petty.

    We can’t keep crying foul at every negative word that the other countries have to say about us. We’d look like a bunch of pathetic losers, groveling for attention. Seriously – we need to put this past us. Then it can be the Filipinos who get the last word or the last laugh of this whole situation.

  29. Listen to what he has to say

  30. Whether Chip Tsao cross the line between satirical humor and racism is not the urgent issue. The man already apologized (whether he was forced or not), and his Pinay servant is treated well. It doesn’t change the fact that Hong Kong still provides jobs for Filipinos.

    The real issues are the Spratlys, and the insufficient jobs/ income in the Philippines. These 2 issues have very dangerous consequences.

    China is one of the world’s cradle of military learning ( History’s greatest in military such as Genghis Khan, Hitler, MacArthur, etc learned something that originated from China). I suggest that Filipinos think deeply about a military confrontation with them.

    The inability of Filipinos of providing sufficient jobs/ income for himself is far serious than Chip Tsao. We say the problem is the corrupt Philippine government. But also deserving introspection, are these deep foundational matters:

    1.)The industries of Spanish–conquered nations are heavy on Arts & Entertainment rather than industrial. These arts & entertainment industries are non-urgent, non-function, and can not be sold in the international market. On the other hand, the $840 billion worth of Philippine mining is dominated by foreign investors. It’s common sense, big-time source of income/ jobs goes to somebody else.

    2.) Filipino Malay heritage (outside of colonial Spain & United States) in commerce, industries, engineering, and philosophies (pertaining to commerce/ industries) did not reach that stage where it’s capable of producing jobs for himself.

    The reason why the Filipinos are global in employment is because of the modern education given by the United States, an external force. The Filipinos didn’t figure out modern education, which happens to be the main weapon to seek jobs elsewhere.

    I say forgive & forget Chip tsao and focus on these deep foundational matters, because they are very humbling and are next to impossibility to fix.

  31. Tsip Tsao.

    Si “cheap chow” (in filipino “Murang Kain”)…este “tsip tsao” pala…

    A catfish from Hongkong… “talking mud, spitting mud” puro mud kasi ang kinakain…hahaha…juz kipping my yumor.

    if spratlys have 13-16 trillion US$ worth of natural gas and in 10 yrs technology can develop and explore its resources…
    chances are mr. chow’s grand- grand children will be our servants in the Philippines…hahaha!

    Hmmm…that’s why mr. “chow” is so keen to have them…but no way Spratlys belong to Filipinos!!!

    By the way, (granting what he claimed is true that he has a maidservant and) if i am the helper… I will #$%^ him and he will be just a victim …and I will be a hero of my beloved people…APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED!!! For whatever reason, you should have not done it at our expense chow pao!! hehehehe….

    I think my next stop is hongkong and I will tell the likes of mr. chow that we are living in the new era not in ancient China.

    To all Filipinos abroad & kababayans, we are proud that we can be where we want to be. It’s because of our skills and talent, hardwork and love to our family.

    We are not servants of anybody nor China.
    We are all “Servants of our chosen Master”.

    Mabuhay and PILIPINO!!!!

  32. You Hitler-like Cheap Chow, I will never accept your apology. Kneel at me or get punched hard?

    F****** writers like you are good for nothing. I want you fired!

  33. CHIP suntukan nalang kayo ni Manny Pacquiao!
    nang makita mo hinahanap mo 😀 😀 😀

  34. they were outraged by how he called the chinese and himself “masters” and how philippines is just “THEIR” servants. ALL countries have people working abroad too, should we label them a nation of servants?….you didn’t get what chip tsao meant

    I agree to this.

    maybe you are trying to say the land of workers…..but technically “servants” is a different thing.

    I am a filipino, and the Philippines is not the land of Servants.

    maybe you read this article so that you’ll know what “CHEAP” Tsao means…

  35. This is just another case of everybody else jumping on the band wagon without really thinking hard on what is going on.

    First of all it is not only the Fiipinos that Mr. Chip has lambasted on his columns over the years, it is his style of writing.

    Now my question is, is the Filipino people, philippine government that childish and little that it should be affected by these name callings. I think it hurts us because it is true. If we were more than good for these issues, we would simply shove it off and not be bothered because we are too good for whatever this writer in hong kong writes.

    And lets face it even though we are now living in a politically correct society, where everyone is carefull about what they say or how they behave… still at the back of our minds, these issues still prevails. We may be treated well in most countries we work in, but still with the number of domestic help that we have around the world it is only but natural that we would send an impression to everyone else that we are a nation of servants.

    In most parts of europe like italy and spain, when you mention filipinos the first thing that come into peoples mind is domestic help, because they have domestic help in their household. And it is cheap and it is abundant… and why is it cheap? well because it is abundant. And in economics the law of supply and demands states that the more there is the supply, the cheaper it gets.

    I am not saying that this is less dignifying, as all form of hard work embodies dignity, but let us call a spade a spade, it is a less prestigious job but let us face it with dignity.

    What Chip Tsao has written is an attack on the chinese and hong kong people…. if we are to analyse the writting, he did not put the Filipinos as bad people, but rather the hard working underpaid underdog.

    Luisa as the personification of this idea, has a degree in political science and yet is being lectured by his employer. Now that is stupid, and that is what Chip is trying to show in his writing, (remember this is creative writing), and the stupid person here is the chinese person.

    Considering that this is creative writing, Chip used himself to personify the bad and the ugly that the chinese and honkong represents on this issue of war at home between the domestic help and employers.

    As he pointed out in the opening of the column, the russians and the japanese are bullying them but the chinese did nothing, so they turn around and what did they do?… they bullyied the philippines… “because they think they can, because they think it is a nation of servants” the poor filipinos who have been working behind them to help hong kong work towards the prosperity that it enjoys today…

    Let’s be realistic, if Chip really actually does what he has written, he would only be stupid to write them, ‘cmon if you’re a thief, would you be writting in a magazine that you are a thief, or a bigot?

    I think that what the most filipinos now are doing is stupid; turning Mr. Chip as an escape goat… and failling to look deeper into the reality and seriousness of the issue of our country providing domestic help for the rest of the world.


    “you never flex your muscle to your master”…duh!!!

    sum pipol like “cheap chow” never have heard the stories of my relatives how those words expose the true color of their experience in hongkong.

    he should have used the island in front of his nose…for his cheap creative writing!!!

    hehehe…we have no moral authority to brand pipol in the open air…


  37. Chip Tsao. Ito ang taong animal na putang galang tae… kamukha ng mga taeng animal. Puta kung ako si Luisa, yung mukha ni Chip Tsao ang ipang lilinis ko sa inodoro nya. Tang na mo Chip Tsao. UR A PAKINGSHET CHIP TSAO. U GOT SOME NERVE TO SAY THAT IN PAPER. UR SUCH A LOSER,CHEAP WRITER. UR A DISGRACEFUL TO CONFUCIUS. GO BACK TO UR UGLY MENTAL ROOM. UR SUCH A FREAK UGLY HUMAN ANIMAL. U CANT GET SOME DIGNITY OR RESPECT WITH ANYONE. UR SUCH A LOSER PIG SH*T!

  38. to mr. yuji chiu

    chinaman is not my boss. I am my own boss.
    my grandpa came from china but he was a good person and trader not like most chinese-filipino business man today. including those coming in from taiwan and china sellling 168 & 680 stores. all cheap and junk. Chinese employers are the worst in the phliippines.(low wages,bad working conditions, soooo late salaries,overtime with no pay) inlcuding those with filipino blood but still call themselves pure chinese. i dont know why they take so much pride from that, why don’t they just go back to china if they’re so proud of it enough to belittle filipinos.

    I am not ignorant enough to not see tsao or any other foreigners opinion of the situation in our country as insult as it is also my observation.
    But not to our people.

    If I am angry. i am angry at the phil. govt and i thank tsao for putting their shit to light. I wish there will be many foreigners blasting our counrty. I wish US would turn their back on the govt. Because I am waiting for that revolution. I will be at the forefront when that happens. And the days of greedy capitalism and corrupt are governance here in the phil are numbered.

    Awaken the Filipinos further. We need a good kick in the butt to move.

  39. I agree in most points Jan has stated. If you look deeper into the article, it does convey a very satirical message. At least in my opinion. It’s a mockery on chinese nation and its people who considers themselves as a superior race failing to claim a tiny island from who they consider a “nation of servants”. It may also serve as an expose on how filipino workers are treated in HK considering the fact that him having a filipino maid was made up. He does not have a filipino maid. Well, too bad for Mr. Tsao. There will always be reprecautions for hitting the most sensitive race, and he didn’t saw it coming.ehehe

  40. whats wrong with being a nations of servants?

    we export prostitutes, maids, nurses, contruction workers….

    admit it its politically incorrect but factually correct

    its true…

  41. BTW Spratlys is a legitimate dispute. Not like what china did to Tibet which was a forced occupation. And “NO”, Spratlys does not belong to China. If you cherrylaurel looked at the map, then you have not considered the geographical bounderies surrounding the island. Spratlys has a part which belongs to Philippines, and has a part which belongs to china. This has caused the dispute on both nations for claims of sovereignty of the whole island.

  42. FYI to whoever wrote this blog…..

    yellows aka japanese, chinese, koreans are superior to brown filipinos…

    admit it….

    just look around, they own 2/3 of the philippine economy

  43. Lol @ aj. Yes most say they are. But consider this, we may be the most vulnerable race of all, but noone has robbed us from our lands. Thus, we can call ourselves untouchables.hahahaha

  44. Indeed Mr. To Kit (a.k.a. Chip Tsao) is a “patriotic” chinese man…. thats why Philippines is being flooded with pirated items…(almost everthing that you could think of)

    Indeed Mr. To Kit is a “patriotic” chinese man….that’s why they are sending drug lords, drug leaders and drug chemist with their drug paraphernalia to destroy the Filipino youth

    Indeed Mr. To Kit is a “patriotic” chinese man….that’s why he had his education in Western schools only to become a slave-driver

    Indeed Mr. To Kit is a “patriotic” chinese man….

    By the way Mr. To kit and to all other patriotic Chinese like Yuji Chiu, Filipino is not a skin color or a single race…we are an interracial citizens of the this country where almost all races of this world have found a haven and a place under the sun to live.

    And lastly, our beloved national hero Jose Rizal and our beloved president Cory Aquino are of chinese descent.

  45. yellows specifically chinese own the philippines

    SM, metrobank, bdo, rcbc, robinsons, jollibee, mcdonalds, bench, allied bank, fortune tobacco, pnb, philippine airlines…

    look around…. accept it they are superior…..

    first part of improving is accepting

  46. To: aj

    you must have descended from one of those opium-venturing and tax evading chinese in the Philippines i bet

  47. to dave gahan

    its because im not blind i can see and i live in reality.

  48. Why is it that the Filipino easily gets annoyed when someone literally speaks the truth ? Nation of servants … it is true. The Philippines is a broken country, both morally and spiritually. Chip Tsao is a keen observer. Only problem is, he thinks the Chinese is THE superior race, and hence lies the problem. The Japanese IS THE SUPERIOR Asian race. 2nd largest economy in the world; can the Philippines top that ? And besides, if foreigners speaks like that, I guess it is time to take a good look at yourselves, Filipinos.

    Facts :

    (1) For P50, the Filipino’s vote can be bought.
    (2) For P500, the Filipino can have someone assassinated; just look at all those murderers loose on motorbikes.
    (3) Tsimays literally go after White Americans, have themselves impregnated, go to the States, and speak in broken English, thinking that they look like Whites themselves.
    (4) Filipinos always ask to be “treated” to lunch or dinner.
    (5) Wherever there is free food, you will find a large congregation of Filipinos, especially those from the slum areas.
    (6) The Filipino wants to borrow money; if someone refuses, they immediately badmouth the person.
    (7) Try collecting debt from someone who owes you, and you will end up either being the “vile” person, or you’ll get yourself killed.
    (8) Look at all the Filipino shows; their jokes are corny.
    (9) Is it a wonder if Filipinos born abroad hides the fact that they come from a Filipino lineage ? Lots of them in the US.
    (10) Filipinos are copycats; cannot get good ideas on their own. Lots of your TV shows are actually copied from either Asian or American shows.
    (11) Filipinos are fond of asking for alms; go to any church and you’ll see lots of beggars lining up on the streets.
    (12) Filipinos are always embroiled in controversy; remember the Nursing Licensure exams, or whatever that was where the answer was leaked ? Shame on you !
    (13) Look at Filipino politics! Dynasties abound !
    (14) Whenever a male foreigner marries a Filipino woman / maid, can you see her entire FAMILY tagging along, being fed by the foreigner ? Poor chap ! From the parents to the aunts to the 3rd or 4th degree cousins … they all live under one roof … poor foreigner.
    (15) Tagalogs hate the Visayans and those from the south, while the Visayans call those from Manila Imperialists.
    (16) Look at your senators and congressmen! TV personality Loren Legarda, action star Lito Lapid, and a host of other people who basically don’t have half the brains to do their jobs ? heh !
    (17) Apo Hiking Society has a song “American Junk.” They basically castigated the Americans. Yet they applied for visas to hold a concert in Las Vegas ? Goodness, how thick could you get !
    (18) Your leftist groups, like Gabriela, always takes to the streets chanting anti-American slogans! Yet for all you know, the aid coming from America is in millions of dollars helping your economy stand on it’s feet. Ingrates!

    Should I go on ? The list is quite long, people. You are very sensitive on this topic because as a race, you know it to be true. Then Shame on You for not doing anything about it !

    • They did not “copy” various tv shows they bought something called copyrights, by your comment I could tell that you probably had no idea what that is, think before you speak *cough* dumbass *cough*

  49. the root cause of all these humiliations from other countries is the government policy of sending women as domestic helpers to other countries. instead of creating jobs for women, they just adopted a policy to send women to work as domestic helpers which other people think as exporting slaves. in the middle east even though a filipino is not working as domestic helpers, they still consider filipinos inferior race and slaves. they cannot admit the fact that filipinos are helping them – no recognition, a salary is enough though sometimes delayed and underpaid. chip tsao is one of those people belittling the filipinos. he is lucky he never experienced to be a chinese in the philippines during the early 50’s wherein they are also poor and trying to survive.

  50. To: aj

    you’re right…you’re not blind and you live in reality….that’s why this country is in mess is because of people like you

    and to Section404

    you must be one of those descendants of white people with Western civilization utilizing science and technology to enslave or kill inferior races of this planet and calling yourself morally upright and intellectually superior

  51. To Section404

    it seems that you just come from Mars and have little idea of human history and human behavior. it seems that all that you enumerated surprises you as a human being. you must have been born from Paradise with all your fine and intelligent friends and relatives…you’re indeed an intellectual…bravo!

  52. to AJ…

    you are entitled to your opinion but no, I wont admit that Chinese are superior to Filipinos. There is a big difference between a servant and a slave. Filipinos are not a slave of it’s government. No priest or government official can ever order us to have 1 child, give mandatory almost all of our earnings to the government and we are free to speak our minds. Are you Chinese?

    to Juan dela Cruz …

    yes I am the owner of this blog and I am a proud Filipino. My mother worked as a DH in Kuwait when me and my siblings were very young, that was during the 80s. She was never compensated all those times that she worked there. My mother and thousands of Filipinas continue to be servants so they can put food on the table, for us to have decent clothes. It is a fact that we are a nation of servant but not of slaves.

    “These servants are the people who brought up great Filipino nurses, doctors, teachers, engineers, and seamen working around the globe.”

    It is funny that we always want to hear to the truth but couldn’t handle it.

  53. Do not be misled, being superior is much much diff. from being arrogant!!!

    If they are superior then why can’t they do those simple household chores? take their aged parents…hmmmm…
    juz asking…

    hehehe…it’s all relative!!
    It’s a matter of a heart not of what we are used to…

  54. To : yuji chiu

    First of all I want to speak for my nation, my land. We don’t speak here or think about putting at Tsao as the funny figured “satirical” world in here. As what you claim, Chinese are far better to speak in English, well mind you it is Chip as in CHEAP… The ignorance of one reflects the ignorance of the whole…Therefore you are ignorant though in some point you have a miniscule authenticity lest, most of them are just fictitious address, a mere delusional conspiracy, a desperate satirical attempt and a fictitious address to those who commented to this blog in order for them to safeguard and fight for our shackled morale. Addendum… you said lately you’re race is far way better in English conversation… Basing from what you speak… You’re English sucks with no grammatical exactness and sentence construction.

    To Section404

    The fault of the others is not seen in the whole perspective. It seems that you know a lot about Filipinos… Are you one of the numerous ASIANS and non-English speaking races who lived in the Philippines to be benefited by our cheap though excellent education? Well, that was Japan and it is a futile attempt to give observations, discrepancies and differentiation comparing one nation to another. By the way, I want to give you a round of applause for mastering our history though thinking that it reflects the whole Filipino Nation let me say a few words of wisdom, You’re a racist, a big damned hydrocephalic man – a head full of air and water without no brain and a jerk. And in your attempt to Loren Legarda, can you see her educational background for a more factual interference of what must be said to be right.

    In your article 14, if that was true… For some cases… Who is the one to be called an idiot, the foreigner or the Filipina?

    12. Well, whom do you want to be your nurse… a Chinese who is some case can not even master what is an ideal health care must be and what asepsis mean… look for youtube for videos of your operations and deliveries for you to be awakened.
    11 If we are fund asking for alms, why would they give? As if other nations doesn’t have a resident whom in some way or another ask for alms. And talk to conios here – elite group. And let us judge each other.
    10 Are we copy cats? As far as I know we give ideas to foreigner and sell them without even repaying us a certain appreciation. They get all the credits as if they are the one who pioneered it.
    8 – why are you watching if our shows are corny… At least we are not making fun of ourselves – search for takeshi’s castle

    And all of your comments were a mere perspective of a negativist. Tell me your country and one by one I will single out your uncertainties.

    To Chip “CHEAP” Tsao, you look like your country’s product… Finding it out to be easily destroyed… Remember… In terms of governance, which is more corrupt? In terms of originality, what country imitates original products? In terms of being a SERVANT, Why don’t you look in your own history…remember when you were colonized by foreign countries… In terms of immorality, where is the root of prostitution… In terms of being an idiot, where are you handcuffs? This is nothing personal…just asking…

    You try to pin point to others not knowing that 3 of your fingers are pointing at your face… Before you depict other nation’s immorality you might as well think again…

    • Preach it!!

  55. Another thing which i should point out, Mr. Chip Tsao is not a patriotic chinese man… he is a hongkonger…. and hongkongers look down on mainland chinese people…..

    There is a certain status that hong kong people have gained when the british people lived here in hong kong…. hong kong is more westernised.

    Chip Tsao’s article is more like fiction than fact, put that in mind. And it is really kinda disturbing that the whole country is actually spinning on their heads due to this.

    Filipino maids are very well treated in hong kong compared to most countries. Where can you find a country that shuts down their Central business district and enforces a traffic re-routing scheme every sunday and every public calenday holiday (chinese and western holidays) so that the filipino domestic staff can freely use the park and sidestreets to have their picnics and gathering, only in hong kong.

    Hong kong is a pretty decent place to be living in, and due to the cultural diversity that we have here (yes i do live here in hong kong), everybody’s rights are well protected…. and hong kong is pretty much proud with the equality that it gives its residences, from the maids to the CEOs.

    There is actually more discrimination in manila, racial to financial than there is here..

    It’s hard when people starts talking about stuff that they hardly know nothing about.

  56. cherry,

    I feel your sentiments. I also have my share of friends and relatives working abroad and what he said and implied are demeaning.

    But i don’t agree that we are servants.

    I have helpers in my home. They are not my servants, they are my employees.

    I work work for a company, and I’m an employee. No difference.

    I do service of my own volition for the benifit of my employer and I get a salary in return.

    I guess it seems that I am just hair-splitting servitude and employment but there is a difference! We all know words and meanings varies by context, and with it the truth it conveys. So if you are blogging for your audience it is nice to be politically correct.

    We are a nation of employees 🙂

  57. to all of you here:
    y’all here are just yapping. yakkity yak yakkity yak.

    we filipinos are all bunch of nit wits.
    its high time we kill what has made us all oppressed.

    im saving all my money to build a bomb to drop over NCR, Visayas and mindanao and start our race all over again.
    Ethnic cleansing.
    Do you all wanna die with me?

    my money now is 1.5 million pesos.
    and i have all the info for building a mega bomb.

    I will do this 10 years from now.

    R u ready to die?

    instead of talking and gettin all sensitive. WHy not unleash all the anger pent up in your hearts.
    Why are you all afraid of changing the Philippines.

  58. Don’t you people who criticize Chip Tsao realise that through his article he is actually laughing at the Hong Kong Chinese people for their “narrow minded nationalism” and racist attitudes against the Philippine people including their house maids.

    Go and read the article again. It is a satirical piece against the Chinese who think that they are superior to their Phillipine maids.

  59. hold on… you said you looked at the map???
    are you freakin’ kidding me?
    spratlys is beside palawan…. it’s the closest mass of land to spratlys….
    no other land mass is closer…..

    spratlys is worth defending for….

    u blind??

  60. hi rm 404

    how can you say that we are not doing sumthing abt it?….hehehe….r u blind?
    hehehe….we went out and work hard and earned decent living

    there is no issue between china and philippines.

    the issue is between “cheap chow” and his egotism being cast thru his nonsense…

    can you ask “cheap chow” to do the same to countries like pakistan, iran and let say not being servants but of another issue…if that’s his style…I will send my 1yr salary as an abuloy….hehehe…

    it’s just that nobody can tell somebody how bad he is in the eyes of everybody…
    it’s totally….hehehehe…..@#$%^&* $%(*

    “cheap chow” apology not accepted!!

  61. art … i agree with you

    nur misuari …. you made me laugh :p

  62. LOL nur misuari is right… i guess….
    for the philippines to change, we have to start fresh..

    the root cause of all this is because of too much corruption and greed in the government, there are no programs for people to have jobs….
    there are no government program to improve technology, agriculture and human resources….

    puro pangsarili na lang iniisip ng mga pulitiko at mga tao na nasa gobyerno….

  63. Whether the Philippines is a nation of servants is true or not, who are these Chinese people degrading us?
    Most of their population cannot speak English well, cannot read neither write & most of them have been in Canada for a long time. Not enough education. Most are illegals collecting welfare for they cannot get a job (no communication skills) but working with cash payments in small stores, restaurants, etc. Selfish cheaters!
    They look like Mongoloids!!!
    They love to wear fake signature items to pretend that they are rich & buying houses to build marijuana grow-ops.
    Lots of them are selling cheap stuff on the sidewalk of Spadina Ave. in Toronto. Fake items.

    Mr. Tsao should buy a mirror to see their own faces before criticizing anybody else!

  64. read it your self again Lawrence Chang…you are a fucking MORON! intsik na mabantot!

  65. Bugok tong JUAN DE LA CRUZ na to! ‘tang na mo! OFW ka rin pala! di servant ka ding unggoy ka!

  66. litsunin ng buhay yang Tsip Chao na yan pagkatapos ipakain kay aj!

  67. Lawrence Chang, you’re the only one who agrees it was a satire. Accept that Filipinos have a far better grasp of English than

    your kind do. That it was meant to criticize Chinese people is exactly where that article failed miserably, and we’re not

    dumb enough to fall for that excuse.
    But if you must insist, how about having our own satire here?
    “The Chinese everywhere in the world, are a people who put money at the center of the universe. They poison their young with

    melamine-laced milk for profit. They sell each other cardboard filled buns (you can ask Al Jazeera news network for actual

    broadcast video footage on that). They put production dates instead of expiry dates on packaged food products so that they

    could sell off expired products in countries where smuggling can be done. They harm more people around the world by putting

    lead in toys and flipflops and whatnot. They destroy the environment to cut corners and become profitable manufacturers

    without being accountable. The Chinese, not middle eastern terrorists, are the ones primarily responsible for the largest

    supply of media piracy globally. They destroy local manufacturing industries by dumping knock-off/fake, or substandard

    products everywhere in Asia especially in the Philippines. In every country that they become employers they disguise

    themselves as saviors, providers of jobs; when in actuality, they merely exploit people by severe underpayment of wages and

    appropriate taxes – which, in effect, makes them all no better than the average pimp or sweatshop foreman. They absolutely

    hate humiliation so they hide behind their language when they are cornered by people of other nationalities they have hurt or

    oppressed. They bully the weak like Tibetans, though thankfully China couldn’t take over Taiwan – at least not yet. They

    infest positions of influence all over Asia for much the same reasons – for more money and more power, still to make more

    money from that power. The only time they allow intermarriage between Chinese and non-Chinese is when the non-Chinese has

    plenty of money. Even in death, the Chinese wake shows that even the spirits of the dead can’t do without money, which is why

    they burn paper houses, paper cars, paper figures symbolic of material possessions supposedly to crossover into the

    afterlife! The Chinese are the most materialistic people in the world, as any hint of spirituality they have is lost in their

    desire for money, money, money. Surely you’ve seen Chinese families consumed and torn apart by siblings bickering about money

    and how the family’s properties should be divided when the elders die. Money is thicker that blood is thicker than water for

    the Chinese.
    But they will never say so. They will never admit to the world how embarrassingly selfish and vile they are. But even Bruce

    Lee’s movies show how the Chinese ultimately view all other races – we’re all enemies to them. Every foreigner is a rival to

    them, if not an enemy.
    So here’s what we should do. We should agree to have Chip Tsao brought here in the Philippines. We should give him a free

    pass to a weekend at Dos Palmas Resort, and let the Abu Sayyaf kidnap the bastard. If and when the Abu Sayyaf threatens to

    chop his head off, the country will party and cut the phone lines. Then the Abu Sayyaf will record and broadcast an apology

    to the Chinese.” Let’s see how you like that satire, Chinaman.

  68. Nur Misuari,
    You have a funny solution that may actually make sense! After all, we have a Chinese infestation here.

    Hinay-hinay lang pare. Lahat sila mga hijo de puta.

    Sayber X,
    I agree with you. Cherry Laurel got it wrong and needs Executive Optical. Love your eyes!

    Tama ka p’re. Kaya nga ang ganda ng idea ni Nur eh.

    You weren’t paying attention when GMA7 reported on our OFWs na DH sa HK na ikinukulong sa bahay ng boss nila noh?

    Yuji Chiu,
    Your English is worse than the way the Chinese smell on a hot summer day right next to horse poo. Trust me, your grasp of English is inferior to ours.

    Cherry Laurel,
    I’m sorry but I cannot agree with you on your statement on being a slave and being a servant. Those who reacted to you know what I mean: If I were your Chinese employer (thank Lord I’m not Chinese), and I paid you P150 for your 8-hours work today as a dignified secretary, have you been paid justly? Isn’t that an inch short of slavery, i.e., not even paying minimum wage as government mandated?

    Yes, we do have a ton of things to fix. But that doesn’t give Chip Tsao the right to offend an entire country at the drop of a hat.

    Again, lastly, to Yuji Chiu,
    No, I do not agree with you, so I WILL SLAP THE FACE OF THE BOSS WHO MISTREATS ME, AND I HOPE EVERY FILIPINO DOES THE SAME. I don’t care if our wages come from you. Filipinos are fair, and usually forgiving. And you Chinese have abused it for too long.

  69. Think Again:

    “cheap though excellent education? ” Goodness, how bold of you to say that ! Don’t you know that here in the United States most American employers think less of people who were educated in your country, and hence, couldn’t get a pay equal to those of who graduated here in the US ? Sheesh … a co-worker of mine showed us this film of yours, I believe the title is “Caregiver”. Go figure. And yes, I know a lot about your country because most of my co-workers ARE FILIPINOS who, hear me on this, WERE THE SAME PEOPLE WHO ENUMERATED TO ME ALL THE MALIGNANT FAULTS OF YOUR PEOPLE ! Talk about racism ! Heh! Your very own people betrayed you, how sad. And, get this, they all work at Las vegas hotels. And they just cannot stop talking about all these. Nurse ? Is that all you have to give ? 90 million people and only nurses? Like I said … Caregiver.

    And do you remember that issue with one of your senators, er, his name was Franklin Drillon, who was asked to remove his shoe at the San Francisco airport ? Do you have any idea who asked him to remove his show for inspection ? Again, one of your expats ! A full-blooded Filipino! One of you!

    Tell you my country, eh, and you’ll enumerate our faults ? Well, to be fair to my country, these are my own personal opinions. If you can only hear how your expats describe your worst personalities, you would be amazed. And get this: they really don’t like it when their friends from their home country always wanted this “souvenir” and that “souvenir” … always asking for money and blow-outs when they visit “home.” Telling us that they are forced to live up to their status symbols as Fil-Ams because of how these images are being forced on them by “friends and relatives” from home who know NOTHING about life abroad.

    Oh yes, and I forgot: I think it was one of you who wrote a book about YOUR faults as a people … Felipe Agoncillo. Your very own historian. My “filipino” friend showed me the book.

    If your country is so damn good, then why is it that almost every single Filipino, if they have a chance to get out, will definitely get out of your country if the opportunity is handed to them on a silver platter ?

    And oh please, you misunderstood. I do not watch your corny shows & corny jokes; my sister-in-law, one of you, forced it on us. And while watching it, she’s laughing and making fun of it. And she’s one of you, again. Laughable. You really are a regionalistic people, divided even from the start. And my sister-in-laws’s from the southern part. Oh, you DO do make fun of yourselves; that is the worst part. And I heard that the Tagalogs from the north don’t get along well with the Southerners. They look down on them. Then how is it that if someone else looks down on you, you get to be so sensitive about it ? Hurt your pride ? Wasn’t it your past president, let’s see, a certain Quezon who said he’d rather have a government run like hell by Filipinos rather than a government run like heaven by Americans ?

    Let me tell you something: during the days of the Philippine Commonwealth, when the Americans still ran your country, the Philippines was the Jewel of Asia. Was. Your country was once beautiful. Why can’t you people do a social research so that you can get it back to the state when it was called the pearl of the orient ?

    Don’t you see this as an opportunity ? Take Chip Tsao’s comment as a CHALLENGE ? An opportunity to PROVE HIM WRONG ? Come on, don’t tell me “what’s there to prove ?” Why can’t you follow Japan’s example ?

    Don’t you know that I am about to start a social research on your people, hence the reason I am prowling your sites for issues, as research material ? Why is it that all the major worst racial elements of Spain, China, and the Indo-Malay people have been ingrained in your psyche as a nation ? And at the bottom of it all, the Roman Catholic Church controlling the people through dogma, intervening and manipulating the minds of the populace ? Are you really sure there is separation between Church and State in your country ? I cannot see one Catholic nation as being a progressive nation. Name one for me. I am sure you cannot.


    “we went out and work hard and earned decent living”; yeah, really ? Maybe for around 25-57% of your population of 90 million. What about the rest, those in the slums, those in the hinterlands? Is that representative of the thousands lining up your overseas workers’ offices ?

    Dave Gahan:

    Boy oh boy …”little idea of human history.” Oh well, if you put it that way. My point is, if you don’t want others to belittle your people, then how come your country is still an under-developed nation until now ?

    Don’t be a hypocrite; if you really think that way of Western technology, then behave yourself and don’t use the computer, the Internet, or the operating systems developed from IDEAS BORN FROM WESTERN CIVILATIONS! If you feel that way, then why not develop your own internet and operating systems ? Prove that you also are intellectually superior. Develop your own systems.

    Oh yeah, I do come from Mars.

    to the concerned Chinese people:

    Well, you people can be arrogant most of the time. And your products ARE OF THE WORST QUALITY ever! Lots of software piracy too.

    Mountain Montes:

    “But that doesn’t give Chip Tsao the right to offend an entire country at the drop of a hat.” Sorry, mountain boy.

    I disagree. He is an insensible person, so that gives him the right to do it. It is what you call Freedom of Speech. What should’ve prevented him from doing this was morals and responsible journalism. He, obviously, doesn’t have it. And you, as a people, have been very sensitive about it.

    Let me ask you something: America helped liberate the Philippines from the Japs last WWII; it liberated all of Europe from the Nazis’ grip. But did the world remembered what America did for them before ? Was the world ever thankful ? Now, look at how the world talks about the United States, especially during the presidency of Mr. Bush. Can you even enumerate all the WORST possible litanies every European uttered against the United States ? Iran ? And all the nations who hated the United States ? Including some of your own left-wing organizations, who I presume, also have relatives holed up in the United States, which would make them hypocrites ?

    Question: but did the American people reacted like you did ?

  70. Think Again,

    I think it isn’t appropriate for you to correct others on their use of the English grammar. If I have to dissect your own words :

    ” Basing from what you speak ” – Maybe what you meant was ” judging from your words ” or on ” how one speaks “. Speaking, generally, is not a what but rather a how.

    ” sucks ” – Proper English grammar isn’t even called for here because in usage this is a slang word, not even a proper adjective.

    ” Sentence construction ” cannot be deemed exact, but rather as proper.

    If you are not a native English language speaker, then please let us spare others on how they use the language. If the goal is to effectively communicate an idea, then that part is done. However, if the objective is to portray proper grammatical structures and dictum, then, I also would like to point out that you yourself is not entirely without an error. Granted that you can speak the language and express it perhaps in the correct way as you were taught in your schools there, native English speakers do communicate passive ideas in their sentences which non-native speakers are not aware of.

  71. Lots of yakkity yak again.
    Again im here and as I read your comments I actually laugh at it for you all thinking I was joking about my bomb plan. Pls. don’t be fooled. I am going to bomb the philippines. and the 1st ill do are the malls here. then the call centers. Sorry. Pasensya. this is just the way to go. No amount of words can cure what has been a long time sickness for our country. If you can not kill your bosses then I will kill them for you.

    10 years time. Count it. That is not too long. I have to study the demographics of my plan.
    I have employed 30 people so far to be the droppers of these bombs ala kamikaze and i have an american chemist and bomb expert that i constantly communicate with.

    I could care less really what you people here have to say. I am an action man and my senses thrive in killing. Im lucky to have the resources and means now. You have to thank my parents for that. I am crazy by the way. I have been under medication for 2 years now.

  72. Also, I don’t want to partake in your squabble over this latest slip by a HK columnist, but I do notice something really very disturbing about you. Like what Mr. Section404 described in the preceding posts, it is very eerie when nationals from your country have a go at each other. I have, for my own part, heard very sad words from your expatriates here in New York. To summarize, essentially they are saying that they do not like the attitude of the people from mainland Philippines. I do not want to go into the gory details, but I have heard enough to conclude that there is really something dysfunctional about your society, like a cancer or something. There are also rumors about some of your people being arrogant in certain places here.

    For example, I know someone, a Filipina who was born here, who couldn’t speak your national language, which I believe is tagalog, because she is from a region known as Ilocos, so she says her family speaks a different dialect. In certain places, when Filipinos see her, they immediately speak tagalog towards her. Seeing as she couldn’t understand it, these tagalog-speaking group immediately rolled their eyes upwards in a clear gesture of irritation. Then they immediately go for the question : are you Filipino ?

    Here in the United States, it is extremely rude to ask someone his or her racial origin. It took me aback and left me bewildered on what just happened. I was hoping that immigrants would adhere to the adage “when in Rome, act like a Roman ” and not bring their traditional customs here.

  73. And here’s another thing I forgot to narrate. I was in California once visiting a friend and went to El Pollo Loco for our dinner. While waiting for our order, I noticed a family of Filipinos who also happened to be waiting for their order. If you do not already know, here in the United States, the soda fountains are placed outside of the counter so anyone can have their free soda refills. After you pay at the counter, you will be given plastic cups and then you have to go to the fountain and get the soda yourself. But you pay for the soda, though.

    I noticed that the Filipino family didn’t order any soda at all; they just asked for a white plastic cup, for water. And you don’t pay for it. What happened next was totally disgusting, at least to me, and it is something I couldn’t comprehend. The old Filipina lady, who didn’t speak any straight English, went straight to the soda fountain and filled up her white plastic cup with soda ! Her grandchild, who’s obviously born here in the US, told her ” grandma, you cannot do that because we didn’t pay for it ! You’re already stealing ! ” And do you know what the grandma’s response was ? ” Okay lang, we won’t get caught ” and gave her grandchild a wink. The grandma thought it was funny when it was really disgusting! The grandkid saw me, blushed and immediately distanced herself from the group.

    Well, we called the police and the grandma was apprehended. People were staring at the group, and I felt sorry for the kid. Upon further investigation, it was learned that they were just tourists from your country here on vacation for 6 months. What she just committed was grave felony, and if you do not already know, is very rare for someone to be doing that kind of thing. She was immediately deported back to your country.

    Don’t you think this kind of actions give your country a very bad name ?

  74. Nur Misuari., you indeed are a delusional tosser. You do not eradicate an entire race; Adolf Hitler already tried that and failed miserably. But I do admire your anserine rhetoric, prose, and your bravado. If you really are hell bent on the execution of your bombing plan, then do humanity a favor by hanging yourself first. Ah, shame on me for even giving you attention! Your angst for attention is certainly vexing.

  75. im back again. whew your comments are really long and lots of emotions. i never knew all it could take to awaken the filipino people is just one lousy HK journalist. atleast for starters.
    i really don’t have time soaking up all your thoughts ill just respond to some insightful comments.

    section 404

    thank you for all insightful words. again i can not stress the fact that my hears pound with joy everytime I hear people not from the philippines who have lots of things to say to this country.
    I only wish that they direct this to the gov’t itself.

    You miss section 404, i can only speak to you and plainest and simplest english possible the actual dilemma of our people here in the phil.

    this country has 90,000,000 million people. scattered in archipelagos. Our govt is located in luzon which you say look down upon the southeners that meant Visayas and mindanao..the visayan or non-tagalog speaking people. Our govt. could care less what happens to people in the south. they couldn’t even take care of the capital,NCR, econonomically etc. how much more the other regions.

    And you know what happens to ordinary citizens, i.e. UP students(state school), reporters etc who complain and actually put out the truth to the masses. The got abducted, gun downed. Most governors here and mayors, councilors kill each other to get their coveted seats especially during elections.

    Out of the 90,000,000 million people, only about a million own the Big businesses here. all of them are politicians, chinese busnessman,mestizo families,foreigners(japanese,americans, some europeans,even koreans).
    That is because all of them have grabbed all the properties here,real estate properties, land, islands, resorts, rice fields(haciendas), fisheries, even the sea where we get out marine proudcts,
    meaning it’s a monopoly and its controlled by only a handful of people. They use force ad intimidation to acquire properties.
    There’s no way good economic activity could flourish in this kind of set-up. The general people simply dont have the livelihoods hence no buying power.

    None of them have the welfare of the filipino people in mind. If they ever do employ filipino people..they give salaries of about 5,000-6,000 php per month. A dingle sack of rice for 50kilos amounts to 1,400 php. good for a month for 4-5 people. a house for rent is atleast 5,000. How do you live with this.

    Only a few businesses both private and public ever give the minimum salaries of 7,567 php. again not enough. And we don’t even receive the full amount, it is deducted by tax which goes to politicians pocket aka pork barrel and ghost infrastructure projects.
    Most of us here earn “decent” pay thru call centers which we know is still outsourcing which is 10,000-20,000. this amount barely supports a family of 4 in NCR.

    Only a few are granted well paying jobs and that is because their families are rich sending them to expensive schools here which companies prefer.
    So most people have no choice but to just try their luck abroad even if it means cleaning the shit up of neglected old americans as in caregiver.

    Again. if you want change, it should honestly start form the gov’t actually having the Heart to really help the Filipino People. Because honestly, if WE DON”T GO TO A BLOODY REVOLUTION than the change your asking wont really happen.

    So why put the blame on the people? Go to NCR do your social research there and you’ll get all your answer there. That is if you have the balls to do it. I presume your a man but the way you write here makes me think you more of a woman and your actually fil-am than american cause you have some incorrect spelling and grammer usage.

    If you have more reactions and something to say. I will gladly here it. I just hope any of you here can be part of the solution than just haters.

  76. By the way, Nur Misuari., the Department of Homeland Security takes bombing threats very seriously. So, as of this moment, I have reported your bombing plans to the ISP servicing WordPress, which in turn, through a proper federal subpoena, will relinquish IP addresses of all the posters here, most notably you.

    Perhaps you are already aware that the FBI can communicate directly with the US Consulate in Manila regarding threats like this without even having to ask permission from your government, and that you will be hunted down like the dog you are ? Just so you know, it is a matter of National Security, so you can run and have your relatives hide you, but eventually the authorities will eventually find you. We do take terrorism seriously.

  77. Mobius dysnfucntion.
    come to where i am. the US govt does not exist here.

  78. I already know the part of the IP address.
    the question is…can acutally find me even if you have this pukin ip address..?
    smart ass.
    BTW, i didnt know the philippines have homeland security. thats cool.

  79. to mobuis. I do take threats seriously
    and if ever you can prove my plan actually exists,
    how do you think I can not find you?

  80. Really John, me a Fil-Am ? You have got to be kidding me, right ? You want me to come to your country and go to NCR, whatever that is ?

    And by the way, clearly, you haven’t been here to the United States. Don’t you know that an average American cannot get their spelling right, yet you claim to make the distinction that I probably am a Fil-Am rather than an American because I have got incorrect spelling in my posts ? Goodness, look who’s talking. Why don’t you try coming here to the United States and get a taste of what life here is. You’ll end up bewildered. Your country is in such a situation because you created the problem yourselves. You know what the problem is ? You cannot take constructive criticisms. Is that the reason why if someone speaks in an out-of-place fashion, the person is immediately disposed of ( murdered )? You immediately shout an abated hosts of reasoning in justification for your plight. Justify it all you want, the fact stays the same: the sorry state of your society, and not the country. No matter how much justification you throw at me, I’m here and you are there, and my thesis still gets read and published by universities here, and you won’t have a say in it. So, instead of channeling your bigotry towards me and suggesting disputable facts, may I remind you to exercise caution in stipulating your assumptions.

  81. Misuari., you are indeed an indehiscent idiot. You should know I wasn’t talking about your country’s homeland security, which, of course, you don’t have. I am talking about the US, which has access to all areas of operations necessary to secure an objective. Find me ? Go ahead, do it. The more you talk, the more you can be traced. You do know about the method of triangulation, don’t you ?

  82. Here are your own incorrect grammar usages, John; so don’t bother telling me about incorrect spelling and grammar usage.

    ” than the change your asking wont really happen.”
    – you probably meant “you are” asking or you’re asking, denoting possessive form;
    – wont probably means “won’t”, which is a derivative of the words “would not”;

    ” I will gladly here it. ”
    – you probably mean ” hear ” it, because here denotes location while you probably meant listening.

    ” and grammer usage. ”
    – you probably meant “grammar”; you got the spelling wrong.

    ” A dingle sack of rice for 50kilos ”
    – dingle means a small wooded hollow; don’t know why you are using this word.

    ” Only a few are granted well paying jobs and ”
    – you probably meant “well-paying”, with a dash, which is an adjective describing jobs.

    ” a house for rent is atleast 5,000. How do you live with this. ”
    – Capital “A” since this is the start of a sentence.

    ” You miss section 404, i can only speak to you and ”
    – you should capitalize “I” since it is a proper noun.

    Shall I go on and on ?

  83. ah ok it seems your an irritable person. and a bit defensive.
    this is my 3rd comment here. and if you actually read my 1st comment and even the one you replied to right now i actually welcome very much constructive criticisms and even some destructive ones.

    i would love to tell you all about e and whether the fact i have come to NY or not but that would be irrelevant to the issue right now.
    you know for a fact that it has nothing to do with american stats..and you being an average american. I could care less, just like you now.

    What i could not get is your attitude right now which only focuses on targeting the state and presuming and assuming that it is me/us entirely. You have not been here in the phil. and you have not met all the people. Why do a lot of old US retirees come here looking for a wife? Why cant they just live there.

    Most of my family come from the upper class here in the phil most of us have been in and out of the US and some other countries. Why do you speak like US is such a bewilderment..?? Are you God? = )

    You say i created the problem? really? We the people created the problem, i already told you how most of the general populace are powerless just like your sorry ass is when faced with the black people. Everybody knows that.

    And i for one never complained about criticisms..I experience that everyday in my work.
    And who is murdering who..? do you think the majority of filipinos are murderers? or those in power? Who actually are you directing your accusations, did I say i wanna have a say in your thesis? Can that help our state? Are you really for constructive criticisms, or just for criticisms sake? and have i complained for that fact?
    you are trying to shape me as a person according to your terms an your terms alone, your like a dictator only a diplomatic kind.
    Do you think you govt don’t have skeletons, big and foul ones of their own and how the world has responded to it throughout history is actually something to celebrate?
    Im not justifying any claims here, i’m just merely stating the fact. And you seem to be just throwing your weight around here.

  84. section 404
    i am really amused by your sensitivity towards the capitalization and spelling which clearly i dont have to reason to you since i really do not worship american language.
    i wonder how you communicate with the japanese
    or the arabs with these..clearly they too dont give a rat’s ass.
    why do you make it such an issue to you. which this thread/post is not clearly about?

  85. mobius..
    this is the last time i will talk to you as you sound to be a very arrogant american with a false concern for the filipino people.
    i do not like typing/talking to much.
    if you have no use to help our country then better stay out of it. We are only an abuse away from erupting. we are bleeding and you idiot shit responds with US THREATS? …………………………………………………………………………………
    you hide in your homeland security skirt.You can not do ur task by urself. if only u r here.

  86. Well, you can help by releasing the Red Cross hostages.

  87. Section404

    Perhaps you’re right on several counts. Even more so on stating that Tsao indeed has Freedom of Speech, so he can be as arrogant as he likes. Old mountain boy here has actually witnessed personally many things of which you’ve criticized Filipinos and won’t deny how we’ve become to a nation in seemingly unstoppable downfall. It doesn’t anger me to hear (well, read) from you our flaws as a people because there’s no malice in your manner. There’s the difference. That, we can take. Chip Tsao’s way – nope. (Though I realize it was his JOB to sound as arrogant as he did.)

    How oversensitive or insensitive a people could be is entirely their prerogative – we all have this Freedom of Speech. I’m sure you understand that people who’ve posted here have been louder – and why not? They’re angry. Just like when you get angry too, only you find a far more productive outlet: you get even by suing the bastard. A justice system like yours over there in the States could be phenomenally beneficial here.

    I’ve always thought those people who have forgotten our heroes of WWII are full of shit. We agree on that. My grandfather fought alongside American soldiers of that war. Trust me, those of us who know, are thankful to the United States for being a force of good. But you’re mistaken to believe all Filipinos of today are no different than those you see on televised news who take to the streets and burn your flag. Understand that those people are career protesters. Here, and this is pathetic, many have turned protesting into a job! They have no stand; they just flock there because some politician has doled out money to make the mob thicker. Then there’s the left who are in a world of their own. The Filipino people don’t support them. They’re terrorists.
    These are not representative of the rest of us.

    You ask rhetorically whether Americans react to such ungratefulness like we did. Well, your non-reaction was your choice. It’s your freedom to stay silent if you wish. How loud we get comes from that same freedom. And we’re louder because we know we’re not the bad guy.

    If it still doesn’t make sense to you, see, this out-pour of resentment touches beyond Tsao calling ours a nation of servants and claiming to be master. It’s bursting at the seams – things that were hardly ever said but are now coming to the fore, because Chinese arrogance is directly proportional to their material wealth.

    So now you see we had here a powder keg. Tsao’s article was the lit wick. There’s really lots more at the depths of this so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a number of other people who have posted here are cross with you. Even I can’t shut them up. Well, I won’t shut them up. The reason we’re all posting here is that we all have something to say, and we tend to be loudmouthed when we’re anonymous. I can tell by the way you write that you’re an intellectual and we may be just as jaded as each other about different things. But what you know of the Philippines and how you say what you know tell me you’re Filipino somehow – by blood, or by experience. And boy does it bug you to see your country slowly sink in the shitter every year. I don’t know, perhaps you’re an American citizen, as you don’t make the same common grammatical/syntactical errors Americans make. You refer to Filipino pop knowledge like it’s actually close to your heart, so I don’t think it’s just the research.

    You know, whether or not I’m right about you, I don’t blame you for hating the fact that America gets a bad rap, many times undeservedly. Saving the world with YOUR taxpayer money is a thankless job. Well, those of us who do appreciate it will always remember.

  88. @ Lawrence Chang
    READ OR SHOULD YOU SAY COMPREHEHND….LIKE AN OLD NATIVE THAT WAS THOUGHT TO BUY CIGARS BY THE COLONIZERS… As I was reading cheap’s..oppps chip’s article I mean, though it was satirical…definitely it was a satire yet he should go to a humor-tutoring school…nah… he can not even bare down jokes that even in a futile attempt can not even protract a miniscule portion of a laughing gas in our system (it is not funny, if he thinks he is funny well he should consult Bentong)… Though you put an excuse for it to be satirical… you can not blame us, it was purely intended to hurt our own race… who is he to articulate those words to us as if our country’s journalist, may it be in the field of broadcasting, writing and photojournalism is far way better. You can’t blame us. Blame your Cheap, who is a pure unaffectionate racist…

    I should say these words of wisdom again for you to be enlightened… Don’t try to pinpoint at others fault you might as well see three of your fingers pointing at your face. Before you depict others you might as well think again.

    @mobius and section
    I was sorry for my first post… it was due others comment, true but not totally true… so much was said… so much was wasted… after all, though we are caregivers, nurses, or those sectors who belongs to the lowly working force (though it is not the Filipino – you should “research” what is the present situation in CANADA, CALIFORNIA and other states)… at least we are compensated by a decent job – not by drug trafficking, illegal imitation of original items and selling it in a sidewalks that causes huge mess on the road and traffic with no business permits and being in the bulk list of illegal aliens.

    Again you might as well think again…

  89. hi rm 404…hehehe.. is this for short time…yes this room…hehehe

    you are helpless and pathetic…!!!!!!!

    Now i see you did not make any sense at all…

    I think i just blasted you with “chip chows” S%!T..hehehe..

    you see, you are a negative person…you did not realize that in spite of our sitauation…from your nos. 25-57% is trying so hard to alleviate their living…hehehe…you are a loser!!!

    hehehe….i have 1 assignment for you…give me one country that cannot see in them the worst thing in the philippiness…

    Let’s say we will use ratio and proportion…huh?!! don’t come back here if you get your homework….hehehehe…i’m giving him a “homework”….

    “Amrica” is ROTTING…MORALLY POLLUTED…i can prove that…you want me to show you some of my first hand video?!….but i am not seduced to do so because I still have some good things about them.

    You are very opinionated!!!…you better put your head in “chip chows” A$$…heheheh

  90. Hi there route 404…

    after they (universities) read your thesis…they will conclude that you are a loser!!!

  91. I$==

  92. hi 404….

    Dear all, i bet 404 is BAKLA!
    spelling lang pinapansin…kala mo kung sinong magaling…

    hehehe…do you agree 404…?

  93. to everyone … all of your IP addresses, and ISPs are recorded here and automatically sent to my email inbox. please avoid making any threats especially if it is to hurt/kill many innocent lives. my blog is open to all of your opinions, comments, and reactions, but please don’t abuse your freedom of speech.

  94. chip tsao,

    tsao, the article that you have written is the general description of Filipinos working in Hongkong because indeed, most of the OFW’s in Hongkong and house help. to have a balance article, he should also mention those chinese manufacturing drugs and shabu in the Philippines. Tsao should also mention the melamine products introduced around the world from china.

    subukan mo tsao na pumunta ng pinas dahil sagot ka na namin sa lugar namin. you should be stoned to death tsao.

  95. It’s a very simple thing, we should help ourselves to become better. Nobody can put you down if you don’t allow them to. Here in Kuwait, there’s no Chinese who work legal, everybody and I mean every CHINESE is prostitute as in PROSTITUTE!!! They wll come here with a visit visa for 3 months and fuck all the way until they get there quota and go back to their country. Truth is, as interviewed by some people here they fuck at least 20x in a day with different mens… YUCKY di ba??
    we people are not a saint nor a sinner so its better to just simply act for the good which should benefit all… Instead of writing a discriminating article why not just write some constructive criticisms??? because NOBODY’s perfect. And I would suggest for everybody to always keep your words soft and sweet just in case you have to eat them 🙂

  96. Unite with each other,don’t fight with each other, Pinoys!

  97. this is nice…

    it all started with bad taste
    he is a provocateur!
    and here we all are trying our best to best him.

    Some of us are just plain bigots!

    It doesn’t matter how we look, what color we are, what language we speak or what laguage we can’t speak. We are all equal and equally guillty.

    We can not be better because we say we are. We have to walk the walk and talk the talk.

  98. I agree that this piece is definitely satirical. I especially loved the part when he says that his friends indoctrinated their maids to say “China, Madam/Sir” whenever the Spratlys issue is stated — a clear shot at the Communist Chinese. Guys, read the article again — there is a difference in using racial slurs directed for insulting people and a satire used to insult the abusers (China).

    To my uberpatriotic countrymen, please don’t take everything seriously. It’s really shameful when I see Filipinos flaming other cultures because they perceive that they were insulted. Well if you feel that way then don’t stoop down to their level, because if you do then you’re just like them.

  99. Don’t sweat it guys! Instead of wasting our time flaming the ass, let’s all just work harder to prove him/them wrong.

    The important thing is that we know that we make a decent living and that we know how to respect other people, be it a Filipino or otherwise.

  100. mga leche kayo! puro kayo Ingles..mga pango naman ilong niyo! haller!

  101. To Sir Section404

    i dont know where you get your ID (Sect.404). Perhaps you’re one of the so called ChiAm who stays in the United States and keeps on claiming to be “patriotic-chinese”. Sheezz!! (Just borrowing you’re kinda-western-expression of disgust)

    And you talk so much. Are you gay? No wonder why you’re like Mr. Chip Tsao. You are indeed well-breed Chi-Am. Sheezz!! (Just borrowing you’re kinda-western-expression of disgust)

    And you’re talking about hypocrisy. Why don’t you take a look at yourself. Studying in an American school, a country known for its democracy, and yet you are a “patriotic-communist/socialist-chinese” at heart. Maligning people because of their color and misfortunes in having a puppet-government of China and US to where you are having your so called “civilized” and prime-education. Geezz!! (Just borrowing you’re kinda-western-expression of disgust)

    Oh, and you admit that you do come from Mars. Men, you must have been one hell of a specy!
    So there, we are talking to a Marsian, guys. No wonder why he has this alien attitude and mentality. My goodness!!

  102. magsitigil na nga kayo..mga leche kayo! pare -parehong Pilipino..Inglesan ng Inglesan!

  103. To mobius

    Nur Misuari lives in southern Philippines. So if you really have the balls just like you say and to prove the Nur Misuari is an idiot, i dare you to see him

    Just a word of warning, our southeners is better than the Arab extremist when it comes to terrorism. You have your own CIA to ask

  104. Mountain Montes & Think Again:

    I just would like you to know that you both gave me impressive responses, both logical & whose argumentation has depth. Mt. Montes, you are right; it angers me to see the Philippines sinking to it’s lowest level, after my dad helped liberate it from the Japs in WWII. Yes, my dad is a GI Joe, and knows the Philippines by heart, having survived Bataan. I always hear his stories about how the Philippines was as to compared to how it is then, and there is much difference. However, since I can see now that you and Think Again are both very sensible individuals and intellectuals for that matter, I guess I’ll stand down now on my comments. I think you really understand what I was trying to drive at. I thank you for your responses. I do hope the rest will be far more discerning in their thoughts.

    For the others, we’ll I’ll just have to say that next time someone tries to slander you, please don’t take the bait. What I’ve done here has been to prove your sensitivity to the issue, and I can only see 2 reasonable heads in this forum. For the rest, the more you take to this issue, the more it will look reflect badly, although I cannot say that your outrage isn’t without justification.

  105. Where’s you home work?!!
    What country can you name which you cannot see the worst in the Philippines?..


    I have more respect to those who stand before me face to face and lay down what they believe than those who side steps…

    We all agree to disagree at some level…this is being civil.

    Adyos amigos!!





  108. yellows specifically chinese own the philippines

    SM, metrobank, bdo, rcbc, robinsons, jollibee, mcdonalds, bench, allied bank, fortune tobacco, pnb, philippine airlines…

    look around…. accept it they are superior…..

    first part of improving is accepting

    accept it, the yellows and whites will whoop our asses

  109. chip tsao is the highest form of an ape, he looks like an ape

  110. tsip chao is a form of an ape, an ancient animal. he’s face is like that. Is he circumcized?

  111. Hust because one knows proper grammar spelling does not automatically mean they would be able to understand anything written in that language. Try having the consitution(which is in English) be read by a Filipino with excellent grammar, vocabulary and spelling. I doubt she or he will understand it very well. Heck, we pride too much of opurse;ves for our English thingy thingy9although we all know skills of many of our countrymen are goping downward spiral yet we laugh at those who are struggling in English even if they are our countrymen

    And the most disappointing thing about the Filipino outrage. it looks like they’re bunch of Carlos P Romulo wannabees. Romulo didn;t consider Igorots as Filipinos due to their “tribal” culture and it shames him that the USA sees the igorot as the typical tribal Filipino just as much as being a maid shames a lot of Filipino. The common thing between Romulo and his wannabees: they claim to be nationalistic yet they look down on their own. What’s wrong with being a servant, domestic helper? Nothing. being a ‘maid’ is a lot better than a bogus politician. The problem is how Filipinos view servant as a profession. They look down on it. maybe, if Chip Tsao said the Philippines is a nation of Engineers, we’ll rpobably giving him hugs. The problem with Filipinos, we wouild rather hear a big fat lie over the painful truth

    Funny how Filipinos get angry over a satire yet would shrugg blatant misconceptions by their own countrymen to their own countrymen

    Candy Pangilinan: Tao ako hindi Igorot.

    Not unless she meant that she was only human and Igorots are demi-gods, it isn’t funny nor satrical no matter how you flip it. Candy’s ‘joke’ is a reflection of close-minded Filipinos

  112. Chiu, if you want to correct people here, you might want to write gramatically correct.

  113. Just like jackie chan said “china needs to be controlled”. Chip tsao is a classic example of a chinamen that need to be controlled because he got outta hand.

  114. “The Philippines’ second language is English, we speak and write English very well so don’t you dare tell us that maybe we have misunderstood what you wrote.”

    The author claims to speak and write english well but there are just too many grammatical errors in this blog for that statement to be true. Yes the article was satirical its too bad education standards in this country have dropped so low that only a few can recognize satire when they see or read it.

  115. […] December 23, 2009 by jstuff29 Here are 18 compelling reasons why the Philippines suck. I got this from a blog reply. Credit to Section404 who posted the list here. […]

  116. Incredibly great article! Really!

  117. This is the number reason why I have come to hate my countrymen in general. Many of you take offense immediately without ever getting the context or point of the message. I find it funny that most of you just know enough English to get upset but not enough to get the joke.

    This is why people who cannot detect sarcasm or satire should not be allowed to post sh*t like these. Furthermore, why has our nation produced such a lot of dimwits and pussies that we cry and whine like a bitch for every joke made out there? What happened to the old generation where people were as tough as nails and never for one bit let attacks on their character get to them? I find it pathetic that a group of people has so much energy to pursue unproductive things like pressure TV stations, individuals or nations regarding these but cannot even harness that energy into something productive like taking our nation into greater heights and come up with great achievements.

    Now to my countrymen who whine and bitch for something as petty as this, get your sh*t together first in your own backyard before crying out because chances are, most of these things are true. Furthermore, learn enough English to get the point and context of the message before you embarrass people like me further who are working outside our country, so we can continue feeding you ungrateful fucks back home.

  118. well, chip tsao only gave emphasis on filipinas working in his country because its a fact that majority of them are working as servants. however, he did not considered those working in internet companies as IT professionals. he looked upon filipinos only in his point of views and not the opinion of the entire chinese communities. Maybe, he did not hear of most filipinos working in middles east countries are engineers, in US as nurses, in vietnam as engineers etc. same as citizenz from other nations who also works abroad for greener pasture. It just depends on the profession of the individual. There are even chinese in binondo working as sales lady on small department stores. chip tsao is only one person who gave the comment and we have not heard even 10% of the chinese people having the same kind of idea. lets not take this personal against chinese, as one’s mistakle is not the mistake of all. lets have world peace man.

    • You also need to get a clue that Chip Tsao wasn’t even racist but rather was satirically portraying how the Chinese in mainland China would act against big powers (ie nothing but kiss butt) but flex their muscles on a rather insignificant and weak country.

      Just like how satire would portray a typical Dona Senorita in the Philippines who puts up their noses and looks down on people, so does Tsao’s rant. He’s siding with Filipinos but idiots like you just don’t have a clue and this is why I tell Filipinos to learn enough English and get the context of the message rather than whining their asses off. You’re all barking on the wrong tree. Sometimes I’m even inclined to agree regarding the racist remarks against our people that majority of Filipinos are indeed morons.

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