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Wikileaks : Can we handle the truth?

What I am sharing with everyone is one of the best discoveries ever that was unraveled to all human beings. Sadly, it opened my mind to many things … like, what I thought was good … is the very same thing that I now believe, could be extremely evil. After seeing the documentary, we should ask ourselves, can we handle truth or look the other way?

By the time you want to search about Wikileaks, their site might probably be put down by some institutions, and just to be sure you have access on them, go to this site for you to get details on where to check on them.

The Wikileaks Scandal : The Documentary

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Traveling makes you mature

A few years ago while listening to the radio, a guest of the radio show uttered the line “Traveling makes you mature”. When she said that, I knew right away what I was missing. It is not that I was immature but it was more of me not knowing what else is out there. The truth is, I barely know who my neighbors are. I thought to myself that it would be awesome to experience life with a variety. Life is all about experiences anyways.

It is true that traveling makes you mature. It gives you the opportunity to meet different people of different interests, beliefs, and preference. If you are not a sociable person then traveling will surely help you develop your skills in interaction. I like to observe and try out new things and I am not the type who get scared right away or backed out on a challenge without even trying and that is why I know for sure that traveling should be my passion (next to being a sucker for romance). Last December (2010) and mid January (2011), I was given a gift to travel with my family to 2 major tourists spots here in the Philippines … the beautiful city of Puerto Princesa in Palawan and Boracay Island in Aklan. I loved the places but what I enjoyed most are the people. I have always enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone and excited meeting new people, it does not matter if they are rich or poor, it is the spirit and personality that I always go for. I think people should not only be traveling by land or water but by their soul as well. The real essence of being able to go to places is not measured by what your eyes had enjoyed to look at but it is how you were able to adapt with the situation and the people for that alone is the learning process. It helps you understand your surrounding. Interaction with people from different places helps you answer one question with different kinds of answers and reasoning because each of the places that you go to have different history and history always create a different kind of human thinking.

Traveling is always an adventure packed with lessons that one should always keep.

I grew up learning about many heroes. There is Jose Rizal, an educated lover boy, who is a mix of Spanish, Chinese and Filipino descendant- known for his rebellious writings against the Spanish regime. He is our national hero because according to the “experts” he represents the true character of Filipinos which happened to be a non-believer of violence. On the other hand, Andres Bonifacio is also a hero but never had the kind of buzz that Rizal had. Now his case is so much different from Rizal because aside from not being eloquent, this guy decided to fight the Spaniards and went up against Emilio Aguinaldo, who was then the very first President of the Republic of the Philippines and was known as an ally of the Spaniards. Among the two great characters of the Philippine history, historians voted for Rizal to be our National Hero not because of the books he has written, not because he was killed in Luneta, but because he was educated, has a good image, and didn’t use a machete to fight for our country.

If I were alive back then, I will be voting for Andres Bonifacio. He truly represented the true character of a Filipino. He stopped schooling at 14 because his parents died and he was left with no money at all. The only way he educated himself was by reading Rizal’s novels, Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables and books about the French Revolution. He went out to have war with the Spaniards with nothing but his ideals and principles, love for country and a machete. I am not a violent person, and for sure Bonifacio isn’t too but it is written in our history that the Spaniards has tagged us as “indio” (Mexican slang; dirty, uneducated, poor, dark-skinned… in short, undesirable) just because we cannot speak their language. Many were tortured because no one wanted to bow down to their religion. Bonifacio was called a rebel and was charged with treason and sedition just because he wanted to fight for the Philippines freedom from the Spaniards. Imagine that, the nerve of those Spaniards to accuse Bonifacio of being a traitor to his country when they were the ones who have been violating our rights in our own very land.

Snooty Filipinos will never even dare be associated to a popular but uneducated personality. It is true and let’s all just be honest about this. How many times did we ever made fun of a fellow Filipino because of his/her “carabao English“? Manny Pacquiao and Charice Pempengco were just a few of our homegrown talents that took over the world but were still scrutinized because of their lack of education. These two showed hard work and determination but were still insulted and dragged down by those who thought they were better in speaking the English language and has fairer skin, but has not contributed anything significant for our country.

Historical failure or not. Who is the real Filipino among the two? Who is the real hero? Rizal now, maybe Bonifacio tomorrow. I know who I believe in. For those who does not know the history … will never know what being a hero and a Filipino is all about.

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Who else is for Gibo?

One more week before the election day,  more and more people are becoming intelligent because they are making one of the best decisions of their lives, supporting Gilbert “GIBO” Teodoro. Why I am going to vote for GIBO is something that I enjoy talking about. He is one of the two most competent in the list of Presidential candidates. He never trash talk about the other candidates.  He pushes for academic excellence and a better curriculum, because he feels, the current curriculum is light in technical skills, mathematics, and English. The loan system for the less fortunate, but deserving students in the tertiary level. When a student applies for a loan, he will be given a Social Security System (SSS) number. Immediately after he gets his first paycheck, it will register that he is getting a salary and subsequent deductions could be made.

For governance and economy,  reinforce the capability of the local government units to handle local funds and carry out intended projects. Use the talents and minds of our countrymen as the greatest resource for more innovative ideas to fuel the industry and the economy. GIBO ensures that the farmers will be given the opportunity to grow rich from their endeavours—and that we help farmers, through programs, to increase agricultural productivity so that we will no longer be the largest importer of rice.  The insurgency must be stopped in conflict areas, where the return of peace and stability can turn land into productive endeavors. He believes that if we invest the required amount in the Central Mindanao basin project, hundreds of thousands of very fertile land can be put to good use.

Gilbert Teodoro may not top the surveys, he may not even have the all the hottest celebrities to endorse him but his secret weapon is … “ME” … the Green Team volunteers, some intelligent and gorgeous celebrities, and millions of the secret majority who have been flooding Twitter with GIBO news and updates, Gibo fans on Facebook and Friendster and many others who were never asked by those stupid surveys. We will vote for GIBO because we truly believe in his abilities and goal for our country. For those who are still confused on who to vote for, be one of us. To my fellow country men, prove that Filipinos are intelligent, make the intelligent choice.

Ang pinaka mahalaga at pinaka magaling na endorser ni GIBO ay … ako at ikaw … TAYONG LAHAT !!! kaya wag ng hintayin pa ang endorsement ng iba. TAYO nalang ok na!

Sulong Greenies, Sulong GIBO … susulong ang Pilipinas!

this video is the most talked about and inspiring Gibo speech on May 7 Meeting De Avance — The Filipinos deserves the BEST


added readings:

Gibo’s Platform

GIBO on eleksyon

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The Comedy of the 2010 Election

If you think that the national election here in the Philippines is composed of nothing but drama and controversies, I am sure you will agree with me if I say that the 2010 election campaign is the biggest and craziest circus you will ever experience. Judas Iscariot selling Jesus for 30 silver coins is nothing compared to the betrayal of the conniving House Speaker Prospero Nograles and Albay Governor Joey Salceda to the Lakas-Kampi party standard bearer Presidentiable Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro. These two schmucks decided to kick my bet, Gibo, to the curb to hopefully, earn the trust of the voting people. Who the hell will trust these two parasites? None!!! The “fat bastard” also known as “the first gentleman” Mike Arroyo has done it again, this other schmuck just can’t get enough of the spotlight that after getting his payment from Manny Villar, he hurriedly met up with some of the money and power hungry Lakas-Kampi party members and encouraged them to support Villar instead of the more competent Teodoro. Pera-pera lang talaga yan diba FG?!

Anyways, I want to share with everyone the funny side of the campaign period of the 2010 election. I really hope that you will all enjoy it as much as I did.

here is Baby James video when he says “Villar!”


I would like to thank the people behind these photos, i just gathered them from the internet so I hope I don’t get sued hehehe.

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