Posted by: cherrylaurel | October 27, 2009

The problem with Loren Legarda …

Senator Loren Legarda has announced her candidacy for the Vice President post but would not reveal her running mate, she obviously does not know where to go. Lakas-Kampi denied rumors that they are wooing her to run as Defense Secretary Teodoro’s VP on 2010 and stories going around that National Peoples Coalition (NPC), Senator Legarda’s own party is not happy with her acting “primadonna” for she has not committed herself to Senator Chiz Escudero who, is the NPC’s probable standard bearer. Was she insulted when former President Joseph Estrada did not choose her as his running mate? Her devotion to the former President did not get her anywhere, even if she proudly announced a few months back that she will run as VP only to Estrada.

The problem with Legarda is that she changes political position as soon she feels the public shows dismay to whoever she is supporting. Her principle doesn’t stand on solid ground and all she cares about is public opinion. I am not saying that public opinion doesn’t matter but, it is not only the market vendors, beggars, squatters whom she should please,  there are also students,  OFWs, farmers, and other taxpayers who are so sick and tired being pushed around and unheard just because they have the means to survive. Legarda panics as soon as she realizes that her chocolate-coated-statements, more often than not are vague and redundant, does not appeal to the masses. She is a classic example of a politician who would put ambition first before her real purpose as a public servant. If Legarda really wants to please the public, the best way to do it … give way to Mar Roxas.



  1. Loren is a good example of a political prostitute… 🙂

  2. She maybe political prostitue or butterfly, whatever you call her, yes, but Loren Legarda is not the kind of butterfly, sashaying around the sweet and scented political garden like most nectar sucking bees do to advance their own political end.

    Maybe she is more than a butterfly to many presidentiables that’s why she is sandwiched in their tug of war. Maybe majority of local chief executives in the provinces are convinced that a tandem with Loren Legarda will make the chances of administration bet bloom like wild flowers in the polls.

    Like a butterfly, Loren Legarda’s exudes a magnetic field to flora and fauna in the political arena. Maybe because of her ironed and principled nature as a person that she has always been lured to join from one party to another. They believed and respected the credibility and advocacy of Loren – that is the simple equation.

    Now, that she is orphaned by the sudden decision of her party mate Chiz Escudero and presidential hopeful to bolt NPC, Loren is geared up like an iron butterfly to rally her party mates in the NPC.

    In this time of uncertainty and adversity, we need a decisive and respected individual to lead this country. We need an iron butterfly that can pollinate the democratic vineyard and adapt to a changing environment not noisy buzzing bees swarming around to pollute the minds of the people and extract them dry.

  3. That goes to show how undecided she is, one of the characteristic you can’t have in a good politician =/

    • -Undecided? isn’t Chiz the one undecided with all he have done: leaving Loren and NPC behind because according to him, “no one can be a good leader with a party list dictating him what he should do”, then suddenly he will withdraw his candidacy to give way for Noynoy. Most of all, he even asked the media to wait for his announcement until his birthday but now, it only shows that nothing happen at all. That’s being undecided.

  4. trapo yan si loren….

    • kailanman hinde po trapo ang isang tao na tumutulong sa pagpapaunlad ng ating bansa…Ang trapo ay yong pong mga nanunungkulan na walang ginawa kundi ang MAngurakot. Bilang isang mahusay na Senador, si Ms.Loren ay isang patunay lamang na good public servant..Patuloy sya kanyang adhikain na Magkarron tyo ng isang maayos at maunlad na bansa, patunay ay ang kanyang proyekto tungklol sa ating kalikasan.Ang trapo ay yong mga nanunungkulan na nakaupo lamang sa kanilang mga mesa at walang ginagawa kundi panoorin ang paglubog ng ating bansa habang sila at nakikinabang sa kabang bayan.Mr.Oso, Imulat mo yang mata mo sa katotohan,hinde yong puro paninira ka lamang~!

      • chesca ur ryt. .and u mr.oso wag kang magsalita na kung ano2 ng wala kang patunay. .luk at ms.loren,shes doin sumting na dapat sana ginagawa din ng lahat ng mga pinuno. .but wat??wala clang ginagawang hakbang. .
        malapit na ang election,. and im sure,ung mga taong noon eh nakaupo lang,tatayo yan,as if tutulong. .f i know,halong pulitika yan.

  5. si Loren ang pingaagawan! Hindi siya butterfly or whatever you call it. Pinagaagawan lang nila si Loren dahil mas tataas ang chance nila manalo kapag kapartido nila si Loren, and it explains everything! Magaling kasi siya at siya ang pinaka capable manalo sa VP.
    Hindi mga bobo ang mga tao ngayon para hindi nila ma-notice ito.

  6. Well if it’s about the loyalty issue we’re really concern of, I can say she have been loyal to the party through serving them. Now, transferring from another party is natural, we can’t just stay at one place especially when there’s no progress going on with it anymore and if we’ve found something wrong with their system. Change is a must, yet we tend to be sentimental with other stuff when in fact we should aim for quality and progress. The keys for this thing are “progress” and “moving on” from the past.
    And after all, we haven’t heard the whole issues yet. Those candidates may be the one being swooned to transfer to a certain party. Now, if you were in her case, won’t you accept something better than the one you already have? After all, those party just aim for one thing as well, it’s all for the betterment of our country and countrymen.

    • im with ajamesab. at para sa kaalaman ng lahat di po nya iniwan ang NPC, guest candidate lang sya ni Mr Manny Villar..di lang matanggap na ilang pulitiko na mas magaling at mahusay si Sen Loren.. hindi yung puro publicity lang ang alam..

  7. dapat ay alamin muna natin ang isang sitwasyon bago tayo manghusga ng kapwa. Naniniwala akong si Ms. Loren Legarda ay isang matapat at magaling na kandidato para sa pagka-Bise Presidente….

  8. Loren Legarda is such a very intelligent woman, so bakit kailangan nya mag give way kay MAr? Roxas???Ano ba ang nagawa ni Mar, kumpara sa mga nagawa ni Loren Legarda? Si Mar Roxas na ang alam lang eh magmura?Nakisawsaw pa sya kay NOyNoy na isa ring wala naman ginawa sa Senado, Iniwan si Loren Legarda ni Chiz, may naibigay bang magandang dahilan si Chiz kung bakit? So bakit sasabihin nyong butterfly si Loren?Nakahanap lang si Loren ng karapat dapat na maging kanyang Presidente, dahil parehas sila ng plataporma ni Manny Villar.In one interviewed Loren pointed out that both of them are for the eradication of poverty, for a clean and green environment, against corruption, for women’s rights and for settling the leftist and Muslim insurgencies through sincere negotiations.
    Maging maliwanag sana ito sa lahat lalo na sa nag po-post ng comment dito. Instead na manira tyo, mag research po tayo kung ano ang talagang totoo…

  9. humahanga ako sa iyo Senator loren ang galing galing mo nasa inyo po ang suporta ko ngayong 2010 election

  10. Saying “butterfly” to Ms. LOREN does not change the fact that she is the most eligible candidate for vice pres.

    “Senator Legarda has been at the forefront in the fight against poverty. She is also behind Luntiang Pilipinas, a movement which she found to promote public awareness on what’s happening to our environment, how to protect and preserve it. For this, the United Nations has named her as Environmental Champion.”

    -Representative Rex Gatchalian, Valenzuela House Representative (1st District), December 14, 2009

    Know more about Loren

  11. Suportado sya ng NPC…

    NPC backs Loren’s VP bid

    A RANKING official of the Nationalist People’s Coalition yesterday formally endorsed Sen. Loren Legarda as the party’s official vice presidential candidate in the May 2010 elections.
    In a press statement, NPC spokesman and Rep. Rex Gatchalian of Valenzuela City urged party mates and voters to rally behind Loren, citing her pro-poor and pro-environment platform.
    “Senator Legarda has been at the forefront in the fight against poverty,” Gatchalian said, citing particularly to alleviate the plight of Overseas Filipino workers.
    “She is also behind Luntiang Pilipinas, a movement which she found to promote public awareness on what’s happening to our environment, how to protect and preserve it. For this, the United Nations has named Senator Legarda as environment champion.”
    Gatchalian also noted that Loren is the principal author and sponsor of the Philippine’s Climate act of 2009, which seeks to install measures to cushion the ill-effects of climate change.
    “We salute the senator,” he said.

    Know more about Loren

  12. I read this article, i thought of sharing it with you guys.. “I am not an ingrate. I thank Loren for her help. I hope that these ugly things being thrown against her would not come out. She does not deserve these criticisms.”
    – Ambassador Edgardo Espiritu on the release of his niece, broadcaster Ces Drilon, from the hands of her kidnappers. June 21, 2008.

    Suportahan po natin si Madam Loren Legarda, naniniwala po ako na malaki po ang magagawa nyang pagbabago sa ating bansa.. Ipagpatuloy po natin ang kanyang nasimulang laban, laban para sa mahirap… at patuloy po syang maglilingkod sa atin ng tapat…!

  13. 2010 election is very near, and yet i am still undecided who to vote for President and Vice-President of our country, I made my own research for those candidates who are running for higher position..And finally, i was able to choose the right one who could help our country, i will vote for Villar-Legarda.Sana suportahan natin silang dalawa para sa pag-unlad ng ating bansa.

  14. i just want to share the website of Loren Legarda, so you will have an idea why we needed to vote for her as VP…

    • loren legarda is a fake he can’t defeat nonoy

  15. loren legarda is a loooozer

  16. Worst Politician

    We were in SM Cebu last week and chance upon Ms Loren Legarda. The reason why I won’t vote for her is best described on the dialogue she and my friend had:

    (my friend approached her and asked for a picture taken together)
    Loren Legarda: Are you Cebuano?
    Josh: No, I stay in Bacolod.
    Loren Legarda: Are you Filipino?
    Josh: No, I’m American.
    Loren: (eyebrows up) So you can’t vote!?

    Ms Loren, I can vote and it won’t get wasted to bitches like you. She painted a perfect picture of her to my friend and I will make sure that people (Filipino or not) will know that she is your classic Filipino TraPo.

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