Posted by: cherrylaurel | October 11, 2009

Filipino time at The 2009 Philippine Blog Awards

I hurriedly came home last Friday because I want to get ready for the live streaming of the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards (PBA) at What I did not realize, and now I should constantly remind myself,  is that when Pinoy says 6 pm it actually means 7 pm … and half an hour more I think. Almost 2 hours late and then there were like a hundred Nokia and PBA plugs playing over and over again. I don’t want to complain anymore because for sure they have reasons why there was a delay but what the heck is wrong with the hosts of the pre-show? Aren’t they told that they are hosting an awarding ceremony?  Are they familiar with the word spontaneity? Oh man, I really hope they will make it more organize next year. Moving on … I never really cared about who was winning on the other categories, I was just waiting for the category that I am in (not that I am expecting to win, I just want to hear my blog’s name hehehe). Then it came and, The Marocharim Experiment won. Congratulations to him. The truth is, I was rooting for Pinoy Buzz. Though there was one chatter at Flippish who already said that Marocharim might win, I honestly doubted it will because when I read his blog, it was not even commentary-ish at all. Disappointed? Yes. Well, what can we do? The judges might have another definition for “commentary” that we didn’t know. Anyways, if there is anything fun that happened in my flippish experience, that is being able to chat with fellow bloggers that were also nominated on other categories, so here is a special shout out to Ambo, Noel, Arvin, Marz, and Ram who happened to be the guy at the PBA plug I posted above. We all had fun chatting and making fun of the hosts while waiting for the “real start” of the awarding ceremony.

Anyways, it is my blog’s first time to be nominated by any Blogging Awards but I want to brag that early this year, after writing a blogpost about US President Barack Obama, CNN and The Huffington Post added me to their “Featured Blogs”, now that’s cool. Hey, I am not saying all these because I am sour graping because I did not win. I just want to write about it now, just because (lols)!!!

Thanks to all of my friends who nominated my blog to the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards, thanks to those who thinks I am doing a great job, and I am screaming “get a life” to all those who think my opinion sucks.

The awarding is over … let us all get back to work!



  1. We share the same sentiments. Now, it’s back to the blog works. See you around the blog-o-sphere ;]

  2. I second the motion: Let’s all get back to work.

  3. Thanks for rooting.

    For some reason, while I was there at the blog awards, I kinda felt like I mistakenly walked in on a rock awards type of event.

    I was sooo out of place being as old as I am and with the other bloggers being sooooo young.

    I’ll add you to my blog roll, cherry!

  4. Thanks for the special mention. Don’t worry you’re still a winner for us!

  5. it was nice meeting you as well and I didn’t know that you’re serious about posting the plug on your site.. :-/…. tsk tsk

    ….and can I just say “WOW” to your featured blog at CNN and Huffington post.. Again, congrats and continue with your awesome blogs.

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