Posted by: cherrylaurel | September 29, 2009

Why they should not run on 2010 …

The following people should not run on the 2010 national election simply because they are a bunch of schmucks hahaha … ok ok I am just being facetious but we all know jokes are half meant (I am so laughing my ass off while writing this) and I swear on my dog’s grave that I am really a nice person :p … Anyhow, these are the individuals that I believe that our nation does not need to lead us to hell or in heaven.

Panfilo Lacson – Darn it! I used to love this guy but, not anymore. Perhaps, he thought his expose is going to hinder Joseph Estrada from running on the presidential election next year but, it was really his own grave he was digging. His expose on the alleged conspiracy among some military men and Estrada in the Dacer-Corbito killing just proves that he is not to be trusted. He should answer to the question of was he really keeping information from the government and the court regarding the crimes that allegedly Estrada committed back when he was still in office. As a Senator, he should know that he made an oath to serve the people and bring justice to whoever deserves it. Now, how will Lacson clean his own mess?

Joseph Estrada – He was once a President but was ousted from power due to allegations of corruption. Now if he becomes President again, he might try to get even to those who kicked him out of the office. His name is also being dragged to the Dacer-Corbito case and hweteng scam, do we really need a leader who has more problems than our own country? I am sure that Erap is a really nice guy but somewhere along the way, things just went up to his head.

Chiz Escudero and Loren Legarda – If there is anybody out there who loves the media and the camera so much that they want to hug and wants to get down with it too, it would be these two:

I swear that every time I see Escudero being interviewed, he never said anything that would benefit our economy. Never did he finish an interview without lashing out on the current administration. We already got the idea that he hates President Arroyo but please, he should do something that will benefit the people and not his own ambition. He became popular because of his flowery-poetic words and good thing I never bought it, it actually annoys me. I wonder what kind of economic development did he brought to Sorsogon or maybe there was none because during his term as a Congressman, he was so busy kissing Estrada’s ass than of his constituents.

On the other hand, Legarda has so much bitterness in her that you can see it her on her pretty face when ever Noli De Castro’s name is being mentioned. Certainly acting civil in front of an enemy is a decent act but, please dont act nice when you are not really nice. When I saw her at the BBC World Debate with topic of on how nations should react to natural disasters, I was really disappointed when she said she never want to be the one to tell the people the bad news or the real state of the nation in the event of a disaster, she said she will just leave it to the expert. My gosh, does it mean that if she becomes our president, she will not be the expert that we expect her to be in running our sinking economy? And why on earth does she continue to say that we should set aside politics in this time of global financial crisis when she herself is so busy looking for a running mate on 2010. Just a question, why is it that every time Legarda talks, it seems like she is not making any sense? She is really scarying me, is she kinda like a “budol-budol” girl (stealing money by means of hypnotism)? Maybe she should just stop now and just go back to being a tv personality.

Ronaldo Puno – very simple, his brother Dong Puno hates Muntinlupa City, which is my place hahaha. Seriously, Puno is incompetent, does not have enough experience in public service, and not well liked by many even if he tries to be so wholesome in his infomercials. He is is just ain’t right to be Gilbert Teodoro’s running mate. There is something fishy about him, I just can’t figure out what it is, but all I know is that he shouldn’t run.

Bro. Mike Velarde of El Shaddai – please please please some mercy … the Catholic Church is already a big headache and we don’t want another one to tell us that that contraceptives are bad. Besides, my mom has too many El Shaddai towels, I don’t intend to have more.

Gloria Arroyo – Girl, enough is enough. I don’t hate you, it’s just that if you stay being a President for a hundred more years, the 3rd world war might start in Malacanan’s front yard. Plus, your husband, the first gentleman Miguel, and son Mikey has been getting on our nerves since day one of your term. How do you expect to discipline the Abu Sayyaf when you can’t even get your family to do something good for the country?

Jinggoy Estrada, Mikey Arroyo, Amay Bisaya, Eddie Gil – you are kidding me, right?! The biggest jokes ever hahaha!

I may have been harsh with my words in giving reasons why these people should not even think of filing their candidacy for the next year election but we all know that these men and women are so hungry for power, no words or stones can ever hurt them today … but when they are already in power, we should all watch out.



  1. Writing a paper, and using an image from your blog.

    Do you think you could tell me the name of the artist responsible for this image. I can’t make the name out.

    Great blog btw. You should care less about what people think though.



  2. Added you on my blogroll.

  3. thanks, your a big help for our debate,..


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