Posted by: cherrylaurel | September 4, 2009

Noynoy: not a leader material

I was disappointed that Senator Mar Roxas decided not to run for the 2010 Presidential election. Whether he admit it or not, my hunch is that he was pressured by the people around him to just give way to Senator Noynoy Aquino‘s hidden desire to run for the presidency. For sure Aquino will run because Roxas conceding is such a giveaway clue. They said this has proven Roxas’ true friendship with Aquino but how long will this friendship last? Most probably, not for too long, not in politics. They said Noynoy is the best candidate for the election because his family has an impeccable reputation and great love for the country but can we truly say that it is all for real or is it to satisfy one’s ambition plays a major role? If it is otherwise, can we truly say “like parents like children”? Does it really follow? If Cory Aquino did not die last August 1, would the Filipino people still think that Noynoy is capable of running this country? I don’t think so. He will always be in the shadow of his parents and he will continue to use their names on every speeches and every situation just to get people’s attention to listen to him. He does not have the charisma of his father, the courage of his mother, and a following of his famous sister.  I never heard him talk about his works in the Senate, his advocacy on anything that matters to the country’s economy but instead, he has been one of those politicians, like the annoying Chiz Escudero, who bashes the current administration all through out their terms. To me, Noynoy looks like a geek, the one that school athletes bullies at the school gym. I never saw him as an authority but a follower, I never thought of him as a leader but a disciple, he is a politician and not a public servant. He may not be corrupt but is he strong enough to run a lazy country like ours? Not all of us are pro-Aquinos, so that is one thing to consider.

Let me just warn Noynoy Aquino. For now enjoy the love and support of some Filipinos who will probably give you  your ticket to the throne of Malacanang but remember their faces, because they are the same faces that will tear you apart and break you into pieces. I should know, I am also a Filipino. Learn from our history kiddo.



  1. I beg to disagree that Noynoy had the desire to run for President. A group of lawyers started it. They want Noynoy to run because of the legacy of his parents. Mar got pressured from his Party and also perhaps because of his poor showing in the survey he decided not to run. I have not known any spectacular things that he did while in Congress and now in the Senate. I do not care if for you he has no capabilities as a leader. What is important for me and maybe to others is that what we need at the moment is a leader who is not corrupt and can somehow use the taxes in a correct way. He is popular right now and maybe the LP is considering that to take the control of the government out of GMA hencemen. Besides if Noynoy win it is the LP who will guide our country-a group of men who are moral and have the quality as a whole to lead – not just Noynoy. And then we can hope for Mar to continue it. At least if this happens we are assure of 12 yrs good governance.

  2. if noynoy upholds his belief that every filipino is free to use artificial contraceptives (to avoid unwanted pregnancies) in the face of mounting pressure from the catholic church, then that’s a big brownie point for me

  3. This is not to question or deny the right of Noynoy to run and become president. Nope. This is to raise some issues that needs to be addressed by those who supports Noynoy.

    Why is he running for president? Was it because he was egged into it? Was it an instruction left by his mother to the family? Was it really an intention on his part? Or was it just an opportunity presented to him?

    Why is someone who has not been talked about as possible presidential contender 2, 3, 5 or even 7 years ago has suddenly become a contender for president in an instant? Was it just a coincidence or opportunity?

    Why did he opt to jump over those more senior and more experienced members of his party?

    Is he running on the strength of his ‘performance’ in Congress and Senate or is he running on the strength of his name only? Some even say he is running on the strength of the “bulong” of those who stands to gain from his election.

    Come 2010 election I will not vote for Noynoy not because he is not capable but because, like his mother, Cory, he was just push into it. And unlike his mom, though was forced to run, there was a need at the time for someone to show the people that she is the opposite of Marcos.

    I don’t think there is a need for the “savior” complex at this time. While Greedy Arroyo is comparable to Marcos, or even worse, I don’t think we need the kind of Noynoy to “save” us from the monster in Malacanang.

    There’s a lot to be said in the decision of Noynoy to run but it’s not about the country. His supporters may glamorize and dramatize the situation, even, for sure, use Ninoy’s and Cory’s name and images just to prop up Noynoy. But that won’t change the fact that Noynoy is no Ninoy. Never. Noynoy is no Cory. Impossible.

    This hulabaloo about Noynoy running for pres. is just a creation of those people who salivates for power, including some in his family. They were able to create a myth with the support of influential people and groups.

    Let us not forget that not too long ago, another Aquino, in the aftermath of Ninoy’s death, has ‘blossomed’ and even became as popular as he is ended up as a senator of the Republic. He consistently top surveys. He was the man. The same bandwagon that is pulling Noynoy now was the same one this Aquino utilized back then. He was peddled and build-up as what Noynoy is being peddled and build up now.

    But unfortunately nothing happened with his political escapades.

    Remember Butch?

  4. thank u all for the great response …
    I believe that Noynoy is a good person and siguro nga he is not corrupt but let us all remember that those qualities shouldn’t be the only reason we should vote for him. He must have the strength to lead us, and he must know how to fix our economy. Kahit anong buti mong Presidente, basta hindi mo nalagyan ng kanin ang bawat plato ng taong naghihirap sa buhay, do you really think that they will love you for being God fearing and not corrupt?

  5. i have to give credit to Lourd De Veyra’s video on the subject. Laugh a little and watch this:

  6. Manny Villar- Sipag at Tiyaga
    Gilbert Teodoro- Galing at Talino
    Noynoy Aquino- Ninoy at Cory

  7. now that noynoy is running of president, i will vote for him, mar and LP senators in may 2010 because i believe he is intellectually and morally capable, sincere, and honest. he is far better than Gibo who is galing and talino but have not proven anything during his 9 years stint as congressman, than Villar, who will be wealthier if voted because of his sipag and tiyaga in acquiring lots for his subdivisions. if Henry Sy wants SM every 30 minutes, Villar would want a Camella every 30 minutes. at least Noynoy got his parents who are both heroes.

  8. in response to regina:

    You have to get your facts right, cite your sources. As far as I know, its Noynoy who hasn’t proven anything yet. In his 12 years as lawmaker, he was unable to pass any of his bills into law. Oh my bad, I think he was able to pass Tarlac City day. Oh wait, it didn’t pass as well.


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