Posted by: cherrylaurel | July 8, 2009

Villar and de Castro on 2010

A very reliable source told me that there is now an official love team, i mean, tandem, for the 2010 Philippine National Election. It is Manny Villar for President and Noli de Castro for Vice President … officially! This was made official when the two met in the US and there they made that agreement. Yes, we may all have heard at one point that VP Noli de Castro will not run for the 2nd biggest position in the government but this is really not a surprise, perhaps he realized that he still has to beat the richest and equally popular Senator Manny Villar for the highest position. If the two will have to go up against each other on the Presidency, de Castro will most probably lose because he doesn’t have enough money, and many politicians believed that he hasn’t kissed a lot of butts to support him for the 2010 election. Another thing is, Villar is a tough guy to beat. He has money, fame, the whole Camella Homes Homeowners (laughing out loud! ) and Boy Abunda to back him up hehehe. Who will say NO to Boy Abunda? Kris Aquino won’t even try.

Is this a good team? YES! Is this a strong team? YES! Are they going to get along? No, especially after the election. These two are so different from each other. Noli is a public servant and thank goodness that all this time that he has been in the government, he has not become a politician. On the other hand, Villar is a businessman. Many called him “a landgrabber” but with his popular tv campaign ads, people looked at him differently. With his “sipag and tiyaga” tag he carry every where he go, I wouldn’t be surprised that he will win because that is exactly what Filipinos want their leaders to be and inspire them to be.

For now, let us just wait for these two to announce their candidacy as partners. I hope I didn’t ruin the not so big surprise.

*** update: Manny Villar is now running with Vice President aspirant Loren Legarda while Noli de Castro decided not to run anymore … I got a feeling that de Castro got so pressured by the bad publicity and is now mum about the whole situation.



  1. Really? hmmm… not a bad choice for VP Noli.

  2. So, the fight will be:

    NP: Pres. Villar , VP Noli
    Lakas Kampi CMD: Pres. Bayani, VP Bong Revilla
    LP: Pres. Roxas, VP Kiko Pangilinan
    NPC: Pres. Loren, VP Chiz
    Puwersa ng Masamang Pilipino:Pres Erap,VP Binay

    “MAREA FROM HEAVEN” is really unfolding. First, Zubiri was eased out as SEc Gen. Then, Puno was eased out DILG Sec. Then, Gibo was eased out DND Chief. Now, Noli was out as presidentiable. Everything cleared the way for a former sacristan who built the tallest building in the country to be the next president.

    Who is orchestrating “MAREA FROM HEAVEN”? Almonte? FVR? The Tuason Group? The Catholic Group? The Industrialists Group? The Lakas Originals? All of the above?

  3. hi jun,
    i think you are missing something:

    Amay Bisaya and Eddie Gil >> A. C. (abnormal coalition)

    i dont think the Philippines will ever have a decent President … everybody seemed to be up to something really bad!

  4. There is still a right choice… check out

  5. yah, heard dat from one of my colleagues..

  6. can somebody tell us more about this


    i BEEN HEaring it from a lot of people….its so mysterious….what is that?

  7. Noli plays safe, Bayani acts
    Gordon brags, Bayani acts
    Teodoro positions, Bayani actc
    Erap plunders, Bayani acts
    Chiz talks, Bayani acts
    Villar inserts, Bayani acts
    Roxas advertises, Bayani acts
    Binay corrupts, Bayani acts

    Bayani Fernando For President
    Dating sacristan..less talk, more action

    Bayani na! Fernando pa!

  8. Well, your right there, maybe Villar and de Castro is a good tandem but sad to say de Castro didn’t file his candidacy for this 2010 election. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing.

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