Posted by: cherrylaurel | July 1, 2009

2010 Poll Automation: the biggest cheat?

Did we really did not see it coming? Most probably, not what we have expected. The sudden backing out of Total Information Management Corp. (TIM) for the automation of poll for the 2010 Philippine National Election totally left us all dumbfounded. According to Makati Congressman Teddy Boy Locsin  TIM had asked for 500 million pesos from their Netherland-based partner Smartmatic. Smartmatic is  a research and development group, known to provide a fully-automated, electronic voting system that is completely secure, reliable and auditable. Although TIM CEO Jose Marie Antunez had totally denied this allegation, still some believed that both Smatmatic and TIM is being pressured by those who have opposed the poll automation ever since the bidding has started. Comelec right away jumped in to the scene by declaring that they would be more than willing to take TIM’s place as Smartmatic’s local partner. Well, now that’s a big joke, right? If ever that happens, expect some real monkey business to take place.

It really got me thinking. Could it be that TIM is just a front of Comelec? and that all of these is orchestrated from day one? It is possible that the administration has been pursuing the automation as a facade. They made all of us believe that they like to improve the voting system and prevent cheating then, hired TIM to be a a front as the local partner of Smartmatic. Then if they succeed in the bidding, TIM will pull out and then here comes Comelec as the administration’s ally to the rescue. Then enters the whole new way of cheating… “the automated style” hehehe. Hmmm … we didnt see this coming, right? Just my speculation.

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  1. Automated or not, there will be cheating. I guess with automation, cheaters will spend less because in poll automation there’s less human intervention or should I say less accomplice.

  2. poll automation will definitely not solve electoral fraud. it will, however, drastically change the playing field and render many time-tested cheating processes useless. in short, it will at least minimize the risks. for this alone poll automation is worth supporting. it’s a step forward, an incremental one, but still a step forward in the evolution of philippine elctions.

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