Posted by: cherrylaurel | May 25, 2009

The Hero and The Racer

I was deeply saddened by the news that I got from my brother, Brian Grant,  former NBA basketball superstar from the Portland Trailblazers team and one of my favorite Sports personality,  was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease… the disease that disrupts the brain’s coordination and control of muscle movement and motor skills. I am still in state of shock and I did cry as if I am very close to him. He was one of the bests of the NBA during the later years of the 90s when Portland was sky rocketing to the top. I really hope that Bryan will be able to accept everything  this disease will bring him, and that the Lord Almighty make it easy for him to endure all the physical difficulties. He will always be my biggest crush and my hero.

On the brighter side, F1 racer and my dream boy, Jenson Button has done it again for the 4th time this season under the flag of the Brawn-Mercedes team, winning the Monaco Grand Prix in Wetern Europe. The team’s winning streak, having teammate Rubens Barichello on the 2nd spot, is unstoppable and very much expected by many. Jenson has been enjoying his turns in standing on the very top of the podium after his very first win on 2006 and winning for the 5th time,  is still as sweet as his first. One of the racers that I am also rooting for is Felipe Massa of Ferrari, finishing 4th. The previous failure of KERS to help him get to the top somehow frustrates him because it was supposed to help him have an advantage over other racers but it has been nothing but disappointment. A KERS boost button is a contraption which uses regenerative energy to increase the power delivery to the rear wheels. This delivers a significant increase in horsepower, for up to seven second per lap, and is particularly effective at standing starts. I am hoping that next season, the Ferrari team will be able to master the KERS, but of course, I still want my baby, Jenson Button to win :p

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