Posted by: cherrylaurel | April 21, 2009

Nobody Gets Away With No Ransom

The biggest lie I heard this week is when the government announced that the Swiss national, Red Cross worker, Andrea Notter, who was held captive by the Abu Sayyaf for almost 4 months, was freed without ransom. Even Notter himself is confused whether he was purposedly freed or let to escape. He wasn’t even sure if he was still in the hands of his captors or the military, I can’t blame him because there is really no difference, I’d probably feel the same. For sure the bandits were paid a generous amount for Notter’s freedom, I mean, that is really the whole point of all these kidnappings, right? Let’s just admit that the whole No Ransom Policy does not work and won’t work especially now that the Abu Sayyaf Gang (ASG) knows that the Military will be afraid to lose their share of the ransom… that is a fact!

andrea notter - mary jean lacaba - eugenio vagni

andrea notter - mary jean lacaba - eugenio vagni

Earlier, the useless and not so smart Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG)  Secretary Ronaldo Puno was being interviewed at Talkback over at ANC and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. He pointed out on the screen specific locations of the bandits and how long they have been staying there. Marines has also taken over the southern Jolo Island even creating a cordon of guards around the parameter of the said ASG hideout. If they knew these all along, since according to the military these information has always been available to everyone, then why the heck couldn’t they make an aggressive move to attack? Don’t give me crap statements like “oh we just want to protect the hostages, we don’t want them to get hurt”, because if it is really their welfare you are after then just give them the damn ransom then. Grrr!!! The Italian ICRC worker Eugenio Vagni is still held captive, I feel sorry for him and his family (may God guide and save him). I hope that the Italian government will be able to come up with the right amount of money for his ransom. I know that it is his only way out (don’t trust our government, they are all crap!). I have totally lost my respect with the Philippine military, and I now believe that the ASG, these bastards are untouchables. The government doesn’t know how to run a negotiation, doesn’t know how to intimidate lawless creatures, and doesn’t give a damn about anybody’s welfare.  I suggest that there will be no added budget for the military in the next 20 years. Good for nothing assholes!

The Philippines is totally sinking. So corrupt!!!



  1. I feel sad for those few public servants like soldiers, doctors, police, street sweepers and teachers who continuously serving the public with all their strength. They are all included in this kind of judgments since some or most of them are corrupt. I feel bad for those in the front line of service. I feel bad for our country…

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