Posted by: cherrylaurel | March 11, 2009

Free Man, at last !

I was so saddened by the death of the Master Rapper, Francis Magalona.  I  never thought that I will be so affected by his passing, it  was so heart breaking. Francis lived a good life. He was the only rap artist who survived mainstream because back in the early 90s, hip hop music wasn’t totally embraced by many Filipinos. I remembered listening to him at 89 DMZ, an FM radio station that plays hip hop and rap music 24/7, he was then called The Mouth. I am so proud to say that I am one of the many bloggers who followed his blog over at multiply. I read his posts whenever I need strength to go about my problems.  Francis’ blog is like his love letters to his readers. His posts showed braveness and love for life.

Francis Magalona, for sure, wouldn’t want to be considered a superstar, but instead, he is the Wild Boy, The Free Man of Manila who cries “Mga Kababayan Ko”! … We salute you Sir Kiko!

for those who want to read his blog, click on the link below :FrancisM Happy Battle

Tribute from Flickr Photos >> Flicker’s Tribute to a Great Artist – Francis Magalona (thank you for the FrancisM portrait)



  1. Sad to hear what happened to the man, stricken down during his peak.

    Nice blog you have here. Mind if we exchange links?

  2. sure thing and thank you for visiting my blog… i will add u to my Blogroll then. God bless!

  3. Linked. More power and happy blogging!

  4. very sad, God bless

  5. He’ll always be in our hearts.

    Ciao, saw you drop by. You’ve got something great going on here. I’ll try to squeeze more time to read more of your entries.

    Keep up!

  6. I’ve been a supporter of FrancisM since his Freeman album. One of his contribution to the music industry that I like best is his engineering of the bridge connecting the Hip-hop/Rappers and the Metals/Rockers. Creating a New Pinoy Rap-Metal Music Genre…

    His Music will never be forgotten, It’s in every rapper’s and guitarist’s blood… his compositions doesn’t only entertained the general public but also served as challenge to pinoy rappers and bands. It’s not that easy to cover Francis’ song (baw waw waw, kaleidoscope world, girl be mine, kabataan para sa kinabukasan, mahiwagang kamote to name a few).

    We love you master rapper! 3 Stars and a Sun!

    PS: sorry napahaba ang comment ko, nadala lang ng emosyon… 🙂

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