Posted by: cherrylaurel | March 6, 2009

A woman’s right to life

When a woman decides to leave her husband after she caught him with another woman, that makes her weak. When she decides to break up with her boyfriend because she fell out of love and found love again in the arms of another man, that makes her a whore. When she has an opinion and speaks her mind, that makes her a dominatrix. And when she decides to terminate her pregnancy because she felt that she isn’t ready for any responsibility, that makes her a criminal. Women will always be tagged and branded with many nasty names, and it is so sad that we can never erase that. The Filipino culture has not created standards for women but, only boundaries.  Men and women will never be equal… history disappointingly made that clear. A man’s weakness will always be acceptable, tolerated, understood and, endured. Women, on the other hand, must not be weak, they shouldn’t complain, and must always sacrifice for the welfare of the family. Unfortunately, the society has not totally embraced the right of a woman to choose for herself. Our lives will be judged according to how happy our family is, how many children we have given our husbands, how many times we have forgiven our spouses when we caught them cheating, and how well do we  clean our house.

Human is created in the image of God.

We all have the right to live, a right to  have a life.

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