Posted by: cherrylaurel | February 14, 2009

It’s all about LOVE

I have always believed that the meanest thing a man can do to a girl is to make her fall in love so deeply and never catch her when she falls. We all became gullible at one point of our lives but trusting and believing to one’s promise should not at all be considered stupidity. Have you ever wondered why that whenever we ask somebody who is in love, to describe in words what they feel, we often get the response “It is indescribable”? … well, because it is.

Metaphorically, falling in love is like going to war without  any shield or armor. Defenseless. The only thing you are holding on to is your heart, always ready to get broken. Love is not made of deceit, but one can deceive another in order to get love. Love doesn’t care about what we feel for the future but it is primarily concerned with what we feel now.  Contrast to what others claim, love is not power, it is a weakness. It is the one who eats your anger, the one that feeds jealousy, the thief in the night, the persuasion to invade the naive. They say real love isn’t based on how much love you receive but on how much love  you are willing to give and how much of yourself you are willing to sacrifice. Thus, the person who always gives more than what is appropriate and often waits for true love to get in return, ends up getting hurt.

I think love is a sphere. Inside is a variety of emotions, a circus of circumstances and a dash of heartache.


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