Posted by: cherrylaurel | January 12, 2009

Intelligence Squared Debate at BBC

A week ago, I discovered that on my favorite news channel BBC, that they are airing a program called Intelligence Squared Debate that is so much different from their other program, which happened to be my favorite as well, The World Debate. In IS Debate, the panel is the audience and they get to vote who will win at the end of the debate. It is a contest of wit, logic, ideas, intelligence, and persuasion… sounds fun to me.  I already subscribed to it’s Youtube account to watch previous discussions and just in case I will miss future episodes. I do recommend this program to all of you who are political and social relevant issue fanatics. For sure I will be regularly posting links of the videos here for everybody to watch. For more info and schedule, please visit the BBC website.

December 2, 2008  topic: Bush 43: The Worst US President of the past 50 years.

video source: Youtube >> subscription on IntelligenceSquared

summary transcript of the debate:


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