Posted by: cherrylaurel | January 6, 2009

The Battle of the Rich, the Famous, and the Powerful

All over the newspaper today are the news about the Dela Paz and Pangandaman golf feud and the very controversial Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) against Alabang Boys. I have to say, this country may not be so cheap after all, this is the battle of the privileged.

On a tv interview, Umagang Kay Ganda at channel 2, Bambee dela Paz was trying to imply that they are poor and that they are up against a powerful man who happened to be Agrarian Reform Secretary Nasser Pangandaman. I am not a witness to the incident but the way that the two parties told their versions of the story is really exaggerated. This is a simple violation of golf etiquette blown out of proportion and rich people so carried away by their angst. One more thing, Bambee should stop pertaining to their family as poor because that is an insult to the real poor people living in this country. Honey, just so you know, poor people doesn’t play golf, they are not brought to the US to study, they cannot afford Attorney Raymond Fortun to help them bring justice, and they definitely don’t have access to the internet to tell the world about their miserable life. Reality check sweetheart!

I feel so bad for PDEA Director General Dionisio Santiago because the credibility of his agency is being questioned this is with regards to the arrest of the so-called Alabang Boys. PDEA has been working hard despite the controversy regarding the supposed bribery attempt on prosecutors from the Justice department by alleged drug pushers Richard Brodett, Jorge Jordana Joseph, and Joseph Tecson. The boys’ parents denied they are not “that rich” to come up with a 50 million peso bribe to the case prosecutors. For sure they will pull some strings just to get their children out of jail because if this case pursue, and they lost, a life sentence is up ahead. I can’t believe that the Congress has even made a special hearing for this case because these Alabang Boys are in big trouble, politicians shouldn’t involve themselves in this kind of issues because it will tarnish their reputation (as if they have a good one, hehehe!). Johnny Midnight, the father of one the accused says his son is not a drug addict but a social user … yeah right! When you are poor, you are called a drug addict but when you are rich, you are a social user? Hello!? you must have been taking drugs too! I am so pissed off with DOJ Secretary Gonzalez, please stop picking on PDEA but instead kick the dirty butt of State Prosecutor John Resado, he is really irritating me and the rest of the nation.

This is all I can say, if they are real drug pushers, real drug addicts, and a menace to the society, then let them rot to hell.


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