Posted by: cherrylaurel | November 27, 2008

Mumbai, India Massacre

I was so shock to see on the news the horrific terrorist attack on Mumbai, India. Just the other day, as I was watching CNN and Bloomberg talking about the remarkable economic boom of this very conservative nation, I thought, wow who would ever thought that this tiny country will ever have this kind of attention now from nations all over the world?! I was impressed with how they slowly but surely handled their once dilemma on Mumbai death tollpoverty and outcasting practice. Now, I just feel bad they are being targeted by a terrorist group, the news said it was the Deccan Mujahideen; whom for sure doesn’t know anything but fight for something they are unsure of. As of this moment, there are 125 people killed, still many are held hostage, Europeans, Americans, Australians, Indians and other nationalities, were all hurt. This is overwhelming, I am so freakin’ affected. When I saw it on the news, I said, that could be the Philippines … that could be one of my friends and family hurt. Why is this happening?


Why kill innocent people? Why torture children with fear? Why ruin the lives of families who are just working to make ends meet? Who the hell enjoys breaking the hearts of many people? Why do they think they can be heroes by dragging nations down on their knees and make them follow their commands?

No one will ever came out here as a hero. I just hope that these  heratless rebels will realize that selfish desires will never be in any way be comprehended and that is because innocent lives were an exchange for it.

I want to help in my own little way, so for those of you who have family members and friends in India who wants to make sure they are safe, these are the numbers you should call:

International hot lines

Australia: Department of Foreign Affairs offers these numbers: In Australia: 1-800-002 214. Australians overseas, call 61 2 6261-3305.

India: JJ Hospital, 91 22 2373-5555; St. George Hospital (Dr. Ashok Shinde), 91 98 6905-0622; Police control room, 91 22 2262-5020, 91 22 2262-1855

UK: The British Ministry of Foreign Affairs is directing concerned UK nationals to call 44 (0)20 7008-0000

U.S.: The State Department has established a Consular Call Center: The number is 888-407-4747.

(photos and contact numbers courtesy of CNN and BBC)



  1. This whole situation had me so shocked too! I turned on the news right as it was happening last Wednesday and followed it every day until it was over. It’s so sad.

    I guess India is blaming Pakistan too, so there’s increasing tensions between two nuclear armed nations. Scary shit.

  2. a very bad news. *sad* life is never fair.

    i posted your poem on my blog..

  3. Hey,

    I’m enjoying the site.

    Keep up the Good work.

    Love Heaps


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