Posted by: cherrylaurel | November 9, 2008

Anything 3rd

I just dont get it when people who have different sexual preference is considered to be in the 3rd sex. Seriously, what is the 3rd sex? Does that person have a different looking genital? To me, they are still a man and a woman. Their genitals are still the same like ours, it’s just that they have different take on their relationships, they prefer what is not the norms. Very often that they have to fight for their rights to be addressed by their names and not by what the society has set up for them.

3rd World is a name given to nations that are generally considered to be underdeveloped economically. Some countries doesn’t like to be tagged that way but others has embraced it and used it as a motivating tool to achieve progress.  If we live in a 3rd world country, does it automatically means that we should be called as the third world people? If this is the case, let’s say we, as individuals, have become well off financially, should we still be considered as poor or an underdeveloped individuals? Will you call a country poor if there are many rich people living in it? Hmm, something to ponder on.



  1. i don’t think i’ve heard of anyone in my country being referred to as “3rd sex” but if that was the case, i would be very appalled at the people putting out some message about a “different” sex of people. as for 3rd world countries, that is just a term that has unfortunately stuck around to exclude some peoples that is most certainly unfair. why can’t people help each other instead of accuse and persecute people that are not like their own? I LOVE THE WORLD!!! lol!

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