Posted by: cherrylaurel | October 9, 2008

In fairness to Justice

“Justice is the constant and perpetual will to allot to every man his due.”
-Domitus Ulpian-

I was watching the TeleRadyo show of Ted Failon and Korina Sanchez the other day and they were discussing about what is in store for those paroled prisoners when they get out of jail. Korina said a story about a man whom after serving his time in jail, still couldn’t get his life back. This man continued his education inside the prison (some institutions offer free education) by taking up Law and ending up as the Cum Laude of his class. Just when he thought that this new found hope will erase every mistake he has done in the past, the Supreme Court of the Philippines trashed his application to take the licensure examination. He applied thrice already and still they would not allow him to practice law. I fully understand why the Supreme Court would not grant this man’s request. It is one thing to learn the law but it is another thing to exercise it. The man may have behaved himself and has paid his dues but that does not allow him to preach and teach us about Justice. That is the last price he has to pay and yes, it is justice.

Our society can only forgive and never forgets. I think that Justice is never fair but only weighed according to who has a greater power to make other people believe what is true. I may never understand the essence of justice unless I am presented with a situation where i am deprived of my right to live and or being harassed because of my race.  Justice is not for everyone and if you think life is fair, then how come we still say nobody is perfect?


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