Posted by: cherrylaurel | September 18, 2008

Karl Roy

“Now and then I tremble all over. But i wont care if load upon my shoulder.

But i know this could all be over if only I could open my eyes.

Is it lonelines? maybe emptiness … maybe melancholy”

(from the song Piece of This by POT)

I have always considered myself a Rhythm and Blues baby because back in my high school days, I’ve been addicted to a lot of Candyman, Xscape, and Aaliyah kind of music. Never in my wildest dream that I will ever be a fan of a band who constantly performs sweaty and screams the whole time. I only admire very few Filipino artists and one of them, for me is the best rock performer of my generation, Karl Roy. You see, i made a very big exception. The first time i heard him on the radio which was late 90s singing his heart out with the remake of the funky song “Yugyugan Na” (originally from the 70s “The Advisors”), I knew he was the only Filipino rocker i will ever love. He was originally from the band Advent Call, he then became part of P.O.T. and the very last band he was on until the time he suffered from a stroke was Kapatid. Listening to him on my cousin’s iPod is such a treat, i can’t help but be affected by his melancholic but classic song “Sa Panaginip Lang”, which by the way is my ultimate favorite Filipino Tagalog song of all time and I sing the part where Cookie Chua sings (Color It Red). The only P.O.T. album which was digitally remastered and released again after a decade of it’s first release in 1997 includes hits like FYB, Ulitin, and Piece of This.

Every now and then, i write his name on Google and see what is up with him. I will always be a fan and I hope that my dream to see him on stage again will come true… perhaps someday, when his health becomes better. Karl Roy is one of the best Pinoy rocker, storyteller and a poet, communicating to all of us, his fans, through his music.

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  1. I was really young when P.O.T. came out so I wasn’t a fan DURING that illustrious era. Now I’m really die-hard! Man, I love ULITIN!

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