Posted by: cherrylaurel | September 2, 2008

My City… not your photo album !

If there is anything that I hate seeing is our City Mayor (i am from Muntinlupa City) whose face is on every posters and banners claiming this and that as his latest project. I was even more shock to see the latest version of a Mayor’s permit certificate which used to be just a piece of white paper but now, you can mistaken it with a car plate, of course, with the Mayor’s face on the side (narcissism: self-admiration or self-love; a tendency to over-estimate one’s abilities and importance). What is wrong with the picture, you may ask my very bitter silly ass? What is wrong is that I am a taxpayer (and so those whoever is reading this), and my money is used to fund those projects that the Mayor claims his. And since this is a fact, therefore, my cute face should be on those posters, banners, and Mayor’s certificates too but then again, I’d probably wouldn’t like that as well because I am never a narcissist. City Mayors shouldn’t brag about their projects because we voted for them to do the job in keeping our community clean, peaceful, and progressive.

So, to all the City Mayors out there… if you think that you need to do this to be recognized, trust me, we do recognize you and make fun of you at the same time because of your devilish grin on every poster posted. Will you please not make our city your personal photo album … geez !



  1. foxy, malapit na uli election kaya fiesta na naman buong pilipinas sa dami ng banderitas ng mga kandidato 😉

  2. ONE …

    i will be the first one to scream “SCHMUCKS” hehehe

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