Posted by: cherrylaurel | July 29, 2008

A salt to taste

July 27, 2008, ABS CBN made a feature story about the two images of malnutrition in children; one being obese and the other is an underweight child belonging to a family who earns 40 pesos a day. Seeing these children with very little food to eat made me feel so guilty. I can spend 300 pesos just for a cup of coffee and a piece of bread in a popular coffee shop and you wouldn’t even see me having second thoughts of paying because to a sometime “trying-so-hard-to-be cool” girl like me, it is a reasonable price to pay. But to others, 300 pesos is more than a week budget for a family who eats nothing but rice and a sprinkle of salt to taste. Having instant noodles and a canned of sardines on their plates is already considered a feast. But canned food and instant noodles is not even a good source of vitamins and minerals but instead they are abundant with Sodium.

It is believed that if poor families continue to use salt and soy sauce to flavor their rice, a high number of children will eventually suffer from kidney disease. According to statistics, there are 2.5 million malnourished children in the Philippines due to poverty and it will continue to rise if we don’t do anything about it. Then again, can we do anything to make their lives better? Not all of us are willing to give up our 300 pesos for their food.



  1. it seem that if you come to China, you will obtain lots of good sources for your blog. Because, from your post, it seems that your eye to this world is so sensitive. The world will change if there are more people like you.

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  3. sometimes people do not see these things happening (or sometimes they see it and just ignore it) because they have never been hungry before. being hungry doesn’t mean your too lazy to go to or call the nearest fast food resto. being hungry means you don’t have the means to buy food.

    how one sees reality is different from how others see it.

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