Posted by: cherrylaurel | June 29, 2008

PACQUIAO: The Nation’s Fist !

“Manny Pacquiao today again erased the political and social divide that separates Filipinos by knocking out Mexican David Diaz and capturing the World Boxing Council lightweight crown…”       (quote from

There was no doubt that Manny Pacquiao will win his bout with David Diaz. He has already outpunched him on the 2nd round, that round alone has predicted Pacman’s win. His speed and strong fist helped him grab the WBC Lightweight belt and be the first Asian boxer to win four title belts at four weights.

Diaz said it was Pacquiao’s speed which blinded him so promoter Bob Arum jokingly said that on his next fight, he will get somebody slower to fight with the Mexican boxer… Ouch! (now that hurts). 

Everytime Manny has a fight it becomes a holiday in the Philippines. Jeepney drivers parked their jeeps, junkyard shops closes, and even rebels declares ceasefire (hahaha) just to witness history unfolds and me, I dont mind waking up early as well. That is how we Filipinos show our love and support to The Nation’s Fist because he is humble, disciplined, and generous to the less fortunate.

Manny Pacquiao is a motivating force, modern-day hero and is truly an inspiration to many Filipinos.




  1. Good Review!

  2. LOL! Yeah.. Pacquiao actually makes the philippines a zero crime rate country during fights. Even the carnappers,holdapers and all bad elements in the society stop in their works.

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  3. Hi thanks for the reference. ASs they say in boxing, keep punching 🙂

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