Posted by: cherrylaurel | June 7, 2008

The Love Warranty !!!

When we buy appliances like washing machines, and televisions, we are always reminded to fill up our warranty card that gives us the luxury to have a malfunctioning appliance be replaced with a new one or receive a free service to fix the damn thing within the warranty period that is usually from a year to 3 years. It is a whole different case with Love. In love there is no guarantee and warranty. We invest on a relationship, making our feelings and hearts as the collateral. We willingly devote ourselves to a person whom we expect to be loyal to us. Wedding ceremonies are the most expensive events in a couple’s relationship. Usually the bride is pregnant and the groom tries to find ways on how to pay for the Church and wedding reception. They both end up borrowing money from their relatives who works abroad or sells the carabao in the province or worse, pawn their parents’ wedding rings and other jewelries. Such events tests the endurance of a “somehow in love couple”. Even after the “7 year itch” their relationship is expected to be stronger. What if things turn sour after a year or so?


In love there should be a warranty. Before a couple get married, they should sign a contract that the grieve party will get a something big out of the ruined relationship. Why? Ok, let me spell it out for you. It is so hard to mend a broken heart. You can’t eat, you can’t concentrate on work, your eyes are swelling because of too much crying, you tend to gain weight because of depression you have taken out your anger to food, and you lost your sexy physique for having 3 children (includes stretch marks, and early wrinkles and this applies to both men and women because I really don’t want men to think they are the reason for women’s unhappiness). Love warranty should not like be an appliance warrantee because nobody wants a replacement right away but somebody who will try helping fix the relationship will be good. If still, nothing good happen out of it then that is when money and appliances comes in. For example, if the wife complaints about her cheating husband then he should give her 85% of his salary (if they have children 100%). If the husband is abusing and beating up his wife, then he should get a death sentence. If the husband is not getting any good/satisfying sex from his wife, then he should get the LCD/Plasma TV with DVD player for himself. A nagging wife must give his husband $ 200 for every verbal abuse she has said to him. Since children are usually the ones affected with divorce and separation, they have the luxury to choose the kind of warranty they want for themselves (they can choose stoning their parents until they beg or get their trust funds early hahaha). For couples who aren’t married, the grieved party must receive the amount of $ 2,272 (P100, 000) for shopping and travel because it is the most popular and effective way to get over a broken heart (I am so enjoying this).


We are free to love. Love is for free. But our hearts and emotions are just as fragile so I really think that we deserve some warranty.













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  3. I found lots of intresting things here. Thanks!

  4. The only grantee is to deal with ‘Love’ as a plant that need to be watered regularly and this requires to give care for or else it simply dies.

    Sometimes I feel that this world has ran out of human petrol which’s simply ‘love’ but I hate generalising so it’s still found even if it’s dimmed!

    This is an excellent post, Cherry and welcome to my blog anytime.

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