Posted by: cherrylaurel | May 27, 2008

Pathetic Text-Messaging Addicts

I have this friend who happened to be a Text-addict, meaning she text message everybody on her mobile phonebook every single day. She doesn’t care if she doesn’t have food to eat, or toothpaste, or if people are annoyed by her, as long as she has the unlimited text service on her phone, then she is fine. Believe me, she is really annoying. She would send me corny jokes, love quotes, bible quotes, news flash, political quotes, food for the brain quotes, chain messages that tell you that you are going to die after 5 days if you don’t forward the crap… name it and she has it all. Her purse was stolen inside the bus because she was busy texting her text mate. Her phone was thrice snatched because she was busy texting as well. Oh let me not forget the time when she almost got hit by a jeep because she was busy making miss-calls to her text mate/boyfriend. Pathetic… that is an understatement.


Now, if you ask me if I enjoy this unlimited text service? My answer is a big NO. Ok, I do use it sometimes but only when it is Christmas, New Year and when I have to go to a far away place and I have to meet some friends on the way, but to actually subscribe to that service on an ordinary day so just I can have a text mate? I don’t think so. I am a lazy girl but I don’t sit on my bum-bum all day with my mobile phone on my hand and annoy people with some crap messages. Believe it or not, I had my first mobile phone when I was 24 so I guess that made me not like text messaging so much… and I don’t think I will ever fall in love with a text mate (geez!). Right now, I have two phones and I only put 30 pesos of phone credits on them every 3 weeks (c’mon I’m cheap hehehe). Yes, most of my friends doesn’t text me, they call me on the phone because they know that if ever I reply to them they will only receive the words “Ok”, “K”, “hmmm”, and “Tnx” (annoying isn’t it? ). One more thing, I hate those super abbreviated words. I can’t seem to understand any of it. Whatever happened to correct spelling and good grammar?


Big Telecom companies like Smart and Globe made so much money out of this unlimited text service and the government’s plan to make a move to make this text messaging a free service will not prosper. Once it becomes free, there will be terrible network traffic, messages will be delayed, parents will complain that their kids have become dumb due to excessive use of the phrase “Asan na u? Hir na me” (where are you? I am already here), and my friend will most probably end up pregnant with a guy whom she met through texting. I am not saying that text messaging is bad but please, get a life! 



  1. Naku!

    What will happen if the suggestion a congressman for text messaging for free pushes through and becomes a law.

  2. I’ll lend you one of my template replies:

    “Peeved na me. Pak u.”

    Have fun!

  3. Text messaging is one of the 5 stupidest things that I’ve seen in my
    entire life. Taking a shower with a raincoat on would make far more sense
    than texting. Just another way of depersonalizing interaction among family
    and friends and co-workers. These pathetic people need to get a life. They
    just can’t wait to get their next text message bill- how sad.

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