Posted by: cherrylaurel | May 16, 2008

Vaccination: Too Much, Too Soon

I think I was 3 or 4  years old when my Mom brought me to the hospital to take my shots, vaccination that is. I am not a mother so I guess will never really understand why they let their babies get shots of different vaccines at such an early age. Their first instinct is to protect their child from any disease, virus, germs, or bacteria that might harm their body and health. There is vaccine for hepatitis, mumps, measles, and etc., but isn’t it too much too soon? Can a baby’s body and brain can really handle all those chemicals? If you think about it, it is scary. News has been circulating that Vaccination is being linked to Autism. 

Autism is a developmental disorder with no known causes or cures that affects the brain and, depending on the particular severity of the disorder, can cause mild to severe cognitive, social, motor and behavioral problems. Medical experts say it can take many forms, but signs usually emerge after the age of 2. (source:,2933,154556,00.html)

Experts estimate that two to six children out of every 1,000 will have autism. Males are four times more likely to have autism than females. Therefore, it can be summarized that between 1 in 500 (2/1,000) to 1 in 166 children (6/1,000) have autism.                   (source:


Take note that at the age of 2, this is usually the age when babies complete their sets of vaccinations. My cousin’s daughter completed her shots when she was only 10 months old but she isnt autistic. For sure when I was younger than 4, I had several shots too prior to the one that i remembered. Still, I hope that both parents and doctors will take it easy on the baby shots.

For a list of different kind of vaccines, please visit :

Ok guys, dont be too hard on me. I am not a doctor, or a genius, so please dont give me BS comments for saying this and that ( like what happened to my article about Embryonic Stem Cell) … we are all entitled to our own opinion and yes you may correct me if I am wrong but please don’t be rude!



  1. Please think before you post inaccurate and potentially damaging information like this on the internet.

    The Lancet (the journal which published the autism/MMR link study originally) has since retracted the study and two or the study’s original authors have apologised. The study is now widely disregarded. It is unfortunate that the information is still being portrayed as being accurate years later. I’m not just pointing the blame at you; there are many out there who are still peddling this information.

  2. This was a vital posting. To Una Murphy, you couldn’t be more wrong. Look at the works of Dr. Ayoub, Drs. Geier etc and youll see the data how it really is, without tampering of special interests in the medical field. Luckily more and more physicians and nurses are waking up to the fact that the vaccines do more harm than good. Once they impose forced h1n1 vaccine in most states, expect the sh*t to really hit the fan as uninformed sheep like Una keep spewing their BS

  3. Unfortunitly shit like frank decided it would be a good idea to blame anyone who thinks that vaccines are important una has a good point several expermints and tests have been taken and vaccines are proven to be extremly useful while there side affects are little to none.

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