Posted by: cherrylaurel | May 6, 2008

The best way to torture Children!

Last Saturday, I was terribly disturbed by the featured story of “IMBESTIGADOR” (supposed to be an investigative show over at GMA channel 7). Policemen asked three kids to identify the killer of their mother. The children were all in tears when they said that it was their Father who shot their mom and put her dead body in to a sack. He admitted it. The policemen put him in a kneeling position and then another punched his face. You can tell that this guy was already beaten up even before he got to the Police Station because of the black and blues all over his face. what I was really upset about was why the hell do these people exposed the children to that confrontation? Wasn’t it enough that these children saw their mother got killed by their father? They are not supposed to identify their father as a killer in that manner. In events like this, there should be a Psychologist and a Social Welfare representative and there shouldn’t be no relatives around that may influence the statement of these children. I was in tears when I saw the eldest son in tears, asking his father, “Papa bakit mo pinatay si Mama?” (Papa, why did you kill mama?). That was a real torture for these children. And what made it even worse was seeing their father get beaten up in front of them. I don’t understand why policemen are treating their suspects like this, is it a show off to the media? And the people behind the show IMBESTIGADOR, you really made a good show at the expense of these poor children. You must be very proud of yourselves for showing your viewers; some are children, that once they go through the same ordeal, the world will be torturing you. I am not in any in defense of the father because what he really did to his wife was an act of the devil but we have to give him his rights. I pity the children, they don’t deserve this kind of life.

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  1. I totally agree, un trained people must NOT handle these kind of interviews, it must be done by specialists, psychologists, since they know better which and what type of questions are acceptable to ask these kids.

    it’s totally out of ignorance, showing of the masses and the media that they are doing something.

    \bah! we said the right thing, I was only halfway through the entry till I read you mention them police shedding some “showing off powers” to the media.

    they are not there to impress anyone,
    they do their thing because that is their JOB, their responsibility.

    another great blog and entry.
    you should get adsense here.
    Cheers and Good luck, looking forward on or to your next Update.

    -Leerz Meneses

  2. I meant “same thing” not the right thing, there is no such “right thing” or “wrong thing” when it comes to opinion, regardless on how it affects morality and the truth.

    my bad \ I couldn’t edit the entry.
    -Leerz Meneses

  3. Anything for good TV ratings. Negligent producer morons.

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