Posted by: cherrylaurel | April 6, 2008

Comebacks … good luck!

Oh my gosh! The New Kids on The Block is making a comeback! This is so exciting. I saw them on TV and they all look so gorgeous. Just when I thought that it will be impossible to see them all together again, here they are announcing that they will be doing shows this April and May and for sure another album on the way. Back in high school, my friend Rechelle and I would go ga-ga over these hotties. We got notebooks, stickers, and we even wrote a local tv network begging them to air their latest concert every week. I never got tired of listening to their albums before and after school. There were even times that I pretended to be Jordan Knight’s girlfriend and daydream of him hahaha. I can’t wait to see them perform again.


Beverly Hills 90210 spin off? Yes! It is so true but don’t expect that one the original casts will be a part of it because I doubt that they want to be in it. Oh I miss Kelly Taylor, I have always wanted to be her but I am not blonde hahaha, oh, maybe in another lifetime. According to, Dustin Milligan (from the movie The Messengers) will star in it along with new actors that auditioned for the show. I really do hope that it will be worth watching because seriously, I don’t want it to end up like The OC and One Tree Hill, those are really terrible shows with terrible casts.


Mariah Carey’s latest video of her single “Touch my Body” makes me want to puke. She is acting like a school girl .. she is what … 50? hahaha … what the f*** was that all about?! And geez, the lyrics of that song is really stupid and it is #1 on the chart, now that makes it more stupid.  She made a comeback at the chart after her well publicized breakdowns. I like the Mariah back in the 90s when she looks so sophisticated and classy, now she is kinda trashy. Diva, what is happening to you?




  1. well, they don’t look like kids anymore so.. it’s not as dazzling as people would say. still, it could be worth checking out 🙂

    I’m sure the Fans will be twitchy to hear them back in pool.

    lets just wish their talents has or have not faded away with time, lost touch or something like that :p

    I’ve linked your page to my website.

    -Lrz \ pa

  2. I so want to be a coat right now.

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