Posted by: cherrylaurel | February 27, 2008

People Power at it’s worst

The people in the street are screaming for another “people power” to happen because according to them we need a change in the government, we need a new leader to lead us because we can not anymore trust our current President. I am just wondering what kind of change these people really want. I believe that the genuine people power took place a long time ago, that was 1986 when almost all Filipinos were all fed up with former President Marcos’ regime.


I strongly believe that we made a mistake kicking former President Estrada out of the office. He wasn’t given due process and was not able to defend himself in the court. If only we have waited. Do we really need to commit another mistake? The people who are asking President Arroyo to step down are the same group of people who cheered for her when she took over the office of Estrada during EDSA 2. And they are still the same group of people who want Estrada now back in the office. That one really cracks me up; no wonder a lot of foreign countries doesn’t take us seriously. Do those students participating in the rallies really understand what they are doing? Do they really know what is happening or do they just rely on what the media is saying or that they are influenced by the numbers of nuns and priests that joins Jun Lozada in his so called “Truth Crusade”.? Why can’t we have a people power that is about saving the earth, a cleaner air or people power for saving drug-addicted youth? How about an Honesty Crusade or Anti Corruption Crusade? Another good idea is EDSA for the Blinds and Crippled? I think more Filipinos will benefit from that. This whole EDSA 1 2 3 or whatever crap you call it just doesn’t work anymore. Even if President Arroyo resigns now, it doesn’t mean that the next leader of this country will not experience the same fate once he or she gets into another controversy. Trust me, Cory Aquino will once again ask for another people power. In extreme sarcasm I say, “Can’t wait for that EDSA 69 hahaha!” 

If we need a change that is genuine, we must ask ourselves, what kind of change do we need for our country to be at its feet again? Let change begin within us, in our home and then in our country.     

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