Posted by: cherrylaurel | February 1, 2008

Heaven Sent ???

For so many weeks now, the whole country is buzzing about Father Fernando Suarez, a Filipino Catholic priest based in Canada who is visiting Manila. They all said that he is a “healing priest”. Some claimed that he has healed a lot of sick people and just yesterday, there have been talks that a dead person was brought back to life during one of his healing sessions. No wonder he is on every front page of the newspaper and that even celebrities want to see him. Just now on TV, many evangelical groups are criticizing the construction of the Healing Chapel which is headed by the priest and his group. In spite of all these, there were 30,000 people who lined up at a healing session in Paranaque City since 5 this morning. Filipinos are known for being religious so I am not really surprised with the figures. It is a good sign that Fr. Suarez never forgets to mention that God still is the one who heals and that he only serves as the middle man. Does he get anything from all these? Does he received money or ask for donations? I don’t know and I don’t want to ask.  

Call me cynical but you can’t blame me for doubting his healing skills. Many have used the name of God for their selfish desires. Take the case of Judiel Nieva. Here is one article about the hoax that happened 19 years ago.

“The Blessed Mother reportedly appeared to Judiel Nieva in Agoo, La Union in 1989. It received great media attention to the extent Jaime Cardinal Sin officiated Mass in the apparition site. However, in the course of time and the test of time, the Nieva family and Judiel himself failed to resist the luster of money in the form of donations. The money supposed to go to building a Church in the apparition site was used for the family’s personal consumption. At the height of this corruption in 1993, the Blessed Virgin Mary left and began to appear to another. In 1995, the Church publicly proclaimed the Agoo Apparitions condemned. Messages dating from 1993 onwards seemed duplicates of messages from other seers. It was also reported that Judiel was seen wearing a lipstick, make –up, and a dress on his 18th birthday. The Church was not able to observe a true change for the better in Judiel Nieva and his family. (from

Judiel, who was a young boy, is now a woman and an actress. And she now goes by the name of “Angel”.  made lots of money and the irony is, in the name of God. If Fr. Suarez can really heal the sick, can make the blind see, can make the deaf hear, and the limpy walk again, trust me, my mom will be taking me there first thing in the morning. But all I heard was claim and hearsays so I guess we need more proof and not just claims and hearsays. I believe in God, and that his miracles are just everywhere, big or small, it happens every time. Let our faith in God heal us from our sickness and weakness. If God will send his messengers, I doubt He will ask him to build Healing Chapels or Grotto to pay him tribute but instead ask them to give to the poor, heal the sick and the dying … all for free. God gave us every thing we see we feel and even his Son for free, so why not give your services to the people for free?  



  1. Hi i know you write straight from your heart I light a candle every night and include you in my prayers Roy

  2. You mentioned “Let our faith in God heal us from our sickness and weakness.” This is exactly how the sick who attended Father Fernando’s healing service received their healing. These people went with a strong faith that God would heal them through Father Fernando’s prayers. If you can’t rely on hearsays and claims, why didn’t you go to one of the spiritual services to see for yourself all the miracles that God did for His people in the Philippines. I’ve been to several healing services in California since last year and witnessed all the miracles with my own eyes not to mention the healing that my relatives here received. Peace be with you and God bless you.

  3. Miss Florie Samilin, i respect your point of view in this but what i am only questioning is whether Father Fernando is getting something financial out of all this. Thank you & God bless u too.

  4. Hello Cher,

    Please accept my apology for my incomplete response.

    I believe in my heart that Father Fernando, as a priest, is not getting any financial gain from the donations received by his foundation as he does all of these for the Lord. Just like any other charitable organization, his ministry relies on donations to fund his missionary works and maintain operational expenses. It is also through these donations that he is able to travel around the world to reach the people in need of healing. Likewise, like other religious sects, churches or chapels are built for evangelization purposes to bring people closer to God.

    Father Fernando, a member of Companions of the Cross, was assigned to work for MMP (Mary Mother of the Poor), a non-profit foundation. MMP is presently funding several missionary works in the Philippines such as feeding 3,000 indigent children daily, building homes and classrooms for the needy and sponsoring medical missions. For more info on Father Fernando, may I invite you to visit In this web is also a link for MMP and Companions of the Cross. Hope you will find the answers all your questions from the webs. Please take notice of the many testimonies from the people who received miracles and healings from God through Father Fernando’s prayers, some of which I witnessed personally. For my own personal testimony, my frozen shoulder was healed last week after Father Fernando prayed over me. Also, my roommate who was on disability for two months due to anxiety/panic disorder totally recovered and is now back to work.

    I am quite impressed with your writing skills. Any future plans of writing a book or doing newspaper/magazine editorials? You’ll certainly do great in this field. Keep up the good work.

    May God’s grace and blessings be with you always.

    John 20:29 – “Blessed are they THAT HAVE NOT SEEN and YET BELIEVED.’’

  5. Miss Florie,
    Hi again. thank you for the link, i read the testimonials and was moved with a lot of them. i would like you to know that I am happy that you and your friend are healed by the help of God through Fr. Suarez. I am keeping an open mind about all this and hopefully one day, I will meet him too.

    Thank you and may God bless us all.

  6. When this “Healing Church” manages to convert Boy Abunda into the straightest sex-starved maniac womanizer whose fetish is high school girls, then these “healers” can start distributing price lists. With legal tax and an irrevocable No Refund policy.

  7. I know someone who went there, My wives nephew.
    He says there where some spheres in the air.What kind of spheres?? Light maybe, not soap bubbles, One of these landed on the top of his head.
    I have heard other people see spheres. Not at this place but at places were strange things happen. Also a video were spheres showed up at a psychic active spot.

  8. if he really has the power to heal from god, then why dont we try to give him an AIDS patient to be healed since everything is posible with god right? and dont tell me there is exception from this healing “chenness” by father suarez because there is no exception with god since he is using the name of god in healing.

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