Posted by: cherrylaurel | January 21, 2008

Politicians as Diapers

It is Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama all over the news. The Democratic Presidentiables are fighting for the place of who is going to be their party’s flag carrier on the coming US Presidential Election on November 2008. The ratings of both candidates are tight so I guess whoever wins is a sure winner in the election.  I was watching this afternoon the film Man of the Year starring Robin Williams playing a comedian who ran as a President and was elected as US President due to a computer glitch. At the end of the movie, he said “Politicians are like diapers and must be changed frequently for the same reason.” I believe that. Politicians at the beginning of their careers really have what they say “principles and a calling to serve the people” but eventually, as their careers blossom and they are bombarded with opportunists, then they hunger for more power, that’s when they become dirty. Corruption is a virus most, if not all politicians are infected of. They can’t resist the money being laid in front of them when somebody asks for favors notwithstanding the consequence that may happen in doing such favor. It could be a passing of a bill that will benefit only certain groups of people, companies who doesn’t pay proper taxes, non government groups who usually get their salaries from the government, relatives of politicians, and worse is, those terrorists.

Here in the Philippines, more and more showbiz personalities are entering politics but not all of them are lucky enough to get a position. Perhaps they thought that fame alone will not get you anywhere, but politics will. Being an actor doesn’t mean that you are powerful, but being a politician is. In this country, there are only two groups, the Opposition which is led by the former President Joseph Estrada, recently freed from jail due to his case of money laundering, and the Administration of President Gloria Arroyo who is accused of being corrupt and a human rights violator. These two groups have been fighting and arguing about who should be in power. If you ask me, I think these two should just stop because none of them deserves to be a leader of this country. What is it about being a Politician that people are just so crazy of? Does being one means that you are a leader or servant of the people? Who do they really serve, is it the people or the government? Here is what I think. You are a leader not because you are taking care of the financing, or who has an approval rate of 70% but, because you are a leader that serves. You lead a group that should be giving service to a nation. The government should protect the people and not the other way around. So please, straighten up your acts you diapers!    



  1. Good for you for your comments – I agree. Good for you.

    Every person needs to stand up and take a stand to protect the collective ‘us’ in a time of global concern sand media making politics obvious. In fact I find “Me and My big Mouth.’ an outstanding and courageous statement/communication that I will support and position I will protect. – It is time to step up and do the right thing –stop being ‘diapers”. WHOO HA, some of us care.

    You have done a good thing and it is a real struggle/.battle to work on this – good work.

    Dave Blair


  2. Dialogue, no hate, that is a rule.

    BLAIR, David

  3. Indeed, seems our diapers has been old and worn out already!! we always see almost the same faces on those political offices. I think we really need a fresh replacement on those place, people that are not much stained with our very opportunistic political tactics, someone on the younger generation to lead our people out of poverty.

    yes out of poverty, i mention this as this is the most important aspect good governance. more than that it will make vote buying difficult as people will not be tempted sell their freedom when they have enough to get by with their lives.

    i think that vote buying greatly exploits the vulnerability of our poor people should be strongly condemned and sanctioned with heavy penalties.

    i may be out of topic here, but thanks anyways for the topic.

  4. darkangel, condemning them is too soft for a punishment … lets put them to death hehehe

  5. Cher, death is too good for some of them, rather a loss of all their worldly goods and them being reduced to having to actually work for a living would be better. Since most have been to law school and come from rich families then having to dig a ditch or sleep in a tent would seem like death to them.

  6. Direwolf, i so totally agree … maybe we can take their tooth out without anesthesia and let them walk on smokey mountain or payatas hehehe

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