Posted by: cherrylaurel | January 12, 2008

Hey Ya !

It is now 2008. A new year and a new blog. Last night, I was chatting with an online buddy when I decided to make a blog exclusive for my opinions about the things and the people around me. I wasn’t sure what to call it so I asked him for suggestions. “Me and my Big Mouth” was the top choice among some cheesy stuff we came up with. We thought of the titles “Thinking Out Loud” and, “Very Opinionated”, they werent that bad but I like my new blog to be somewhat catchy. So there it is… Me and my Big Mouth. I am going to be a critic on almost about everything under the sun. If in any way I become harsh or bitchy, please dont hate me because we are all entitled to our own opinions. I dont mind being corrected if wrong grammar is all over the place, for having wrong spelling, or when it is obvious that I am writing my blog while I am so drunk. Just please, dont be too preachy or mean when you try to get my attention. Comments are always welcome. I will only post once or twice a week when I am free to stay long in front of my pc, I do have to work to eat, you know.  You can also read the poems I’ve written since I was 15 years old, just visit Well, happy reading!


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